more videos of my silly little guy

Apparently I'm on a video kick lately because I have two more for you. Ethan is so funny lately, I feel the need to capture his antics on camera. Someday we'll look back and this time will seem so far away. Thankfully we'll have lots of videos to watch :) Those that are far away can get a glimpse into our daily life.

Ethan was having a blast pushing his jogging stroller around last night. Don't worry, he didn't get hurt at all at the end.

Ethan pushing his stroller, 13 months old from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.

Lately if you ask Ethan to dance, he shakes his head. It's so funny. I guess it is his version of dancing.

Ethan's version of dancing at 13 months from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.


Nikki said…
I love the dancing!
Love the head shake too! So glad you're capturing all of this on video :).
Christy said…
Ok, I so saw that coming when he fell! Too funny how the camera went flying, he,heee!
And the dance moves he clearly got from his mama! ;)
Jolene Grace said…
Ok, the video of him climbing the stroller was hilarious (b/c he didn't get hurt of course). He is fearless! Scary stuff...

I love his dancing too! christian does a head shake while he stands up and gets dizzy. LOL...gotta love these boys!
Eileen said…
SO CUTE!!! And he'll love it when he gets older and can watch all of these! hehehe

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