My Little Brother

Visiting my brother at work this week made me realize how proud I am of him. My brother and I are three and a half years apart (I'm older). We have a great relationship and I'm blessed that we are so close.

When I saw Jerrod at work this week as a professional my heart swelled with pride. He has done so well and overcome quite a bit. He was born hearing impaired and wears hearing aides, but that has never stopped him from doing anything.

When we lost my dad he had just finished his junior year in high school. Him and my dad were very close and it was a devastating loss for him. Yet he finished high school and excelled, and then went straight into college. He worked very hard and did very well. His senior year he even landed an internship with the City of Chino Hills.
Jerrod graduated with a degree in urban and regional planning in four years and landed a job as an assistant city planner with the City of Chino Hills straight out of college. He's currently working towards his Master's degree and excelling at his job, recently earning a promotion to Associate city planner.

Not only am I proud of Jerrod for his professional accomplishments, I am also proud of his generous and giving spirit, and his desire to grow closer to the Lord.

He would give you the shirt off his back if you were in need.

He is passionate and kind.

He is my brother.

Jerrod I love you. I am blessed to have such an amazing brother. I pray for you daily.


Christy said…
Ok, at the cost of embarrassing your brother I have to the minute we met him we were in love. I will never forget because we were all at a meeting after church at Marie Callenders and Bruce sat me by your parents and Jerrod. I ordered fries and he kept sneaking his little hand across the table to ask for more. It was really funny cause your mom was like,"sorry, Jerrod no." We were pretty much in love with you all after that day. We often talk about your dad and how much we miss him as well. Then we look at you and Jerrod and we see your dads fruit and how much he must be proud of you both. Love you!
Jerrod said…
Thank you for such complements and I'm honored that you would dedicate a blog to your little bro :) Christy, you still remember that day the same way I do. Those fries were just so good...haha Thank you for you again and it wasn't embarrassing. :)
Crystal said…
You both are living out your mom and dad's legacy. Hardworking, disciplined, intelligent and CLEAN (I had to add that one;). Jerrod, I'm proud of you too! Now may God bring you a wo-man who can share in all of this pride ;)!
Heather Hekman said…
Aren't siblings great? I'm glad my parents gave me two wonderful sisters, too.
Jerrod said…
thank you Crystal! I hope God brings a woman into my life soon :)
Jolene Grace said…
I can understand the pride of being a big sis and watching your bro make good decisions. :-) As I grew up with jess and watched Jerrod grow as well, I've been impressed with his drive, determination and true love for Christ. His desire to know God more has never been a question in my mind, and that makes ME proud of him! :-) Well, I guess I am a sort of surrogate sister anyway.
Bro said…
Thank you, all these wonderful complements. You lady's are wonderful :)

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