Playing in the cold

On Saturday Matt and I bundled up Ethan and played outside for a little while. It was around 39 degrees, which is quite cold for us :) Ethan didn't seem to mind the cold one bit. I practiced using my 50 mm lens some more and snapped a few pictures.
Gotta love the tongue hanging out of the mouth.... he does this all the time.

Cranky face. I see this face more often than I'd like to... especially after his afternoon nap :)
For some reason I love this picture

Ethan often holds up his fingers as if he's making the number four, and studies them quite intently.
yawn... somebody's getting tired
Later that evening Matt was playing around with our point and shoot camera and got this picture.... it's funny
This was actually Sunday night. We were watching the kids perform their Christmas program at church on the live webcast (also how I watched the morning service since I had to stay home with a still sick Ethan). Ethan kept trying to climb onto the desk, so I finally let him. I promptly took him off because he was getting into everything.
Ethan has recently learned how to use a spoon. I have to put the food on it, but he takes it from me and feeds himself with it. In fact he'll rarely let me feed him with a spoon.... he is very independent when it comes to eating.
Lastly, here is a video clip from Saturday of Ethan feeding himself with the spoon and also "roaring" like a lion (one of his newer "tricks). He can also howl like a wolf. I'll have to catch that one on video next.

Ethan- 13 months old feeding himself from Jessica Hekman on Vimeo.


Crystal said…
Oh way too cute! I love the picture you love too, it's like you caught a little moment. And I love the "lion" grr, so cute!
Charlee said…
How cute is he roaring and eating. Breven we took him to the Zoo at that age and he roared at the lions. Did you enjoy the Christmas program and the boys falling down and mine still singing away.
Kelly said…
So cute!

The girls "study" their hands as well.

That's great that he is eating from a spoon. He looked so grown up there.
Jolene Grace said…
How absolutely precious! Danny and I LOVED the lion roar! :-) he is way too cute...time to make another!;-)
Anonymous said…
I love the pictures you took of E crawling on the walkway with the house blured out in the background...good work. You're getting pretty good with your camera!

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