random updates

  • On Sunday I put away my Christmas decorations. Once Christmas is over I am ready to have them put away. On Monday I cleaned like a mad woman.
  • Speaking of cleaning Matt did the sweetest thing for me for Christmas. He put together a coupon book FULL of coupons for me to use this year. He was so creative with this gift. I redeemed one of the coupons on Monday... it was a coupon for the cleaning of both bathrooms. There are TONS of other fun coupons in there like movie nights, a vacation day where he takes the day off work and I choose what we do, a good mopping of the floors, coupons for back rubs, and lots of other fun stuff :) Honestly this was one of the sweetest gifts he's ever given to me. It is the gift that keeps on giving!
  • I've got the organizing bug (more than normal). I think it's just this time of year.... perhaps that's why January is national organization month. I just want to go through all of my cupboards and closets and drawers and purge and get them organized. When I start feeling cluttered it makes me go crazy. It is so very satisfying to me to go through things and pare down. It also helps me to put the "more monster" at bay and realize how much I already have. I tackled a few spaces on Monday. I"ll probably spend the month making my way through my house.
  • On Tuesday I went over to visit my friend Tawny. It was fun to visit with her, and Sammy and Ethan played great together. Thanks for having us over Tawny :)
  • Remember how I was looking for something to organize toys in Ethan's room? I've been planning on going to Ikea after the holidays, and I was telling Matt about what I was hoping to find. Well, turns out we found something for free in our shed! It's an old bookcase that was being used to store paint. At first I thought I wanted to paint it white, but once I put it in there I decided I like the brown. It works perfectly for now. I'll probably still want something more in the near future. I just needed something to hold Ethan's bigger toys right now. I may get some bins or baskets to fit in it once Ethan plays with smaller toys. However I am excited that I found something that works great, and best of all it was free!
  • Matt and I may go out shopping for some clothes and shoes today... he is in desperate need of some new stuff. As for tonight (New Year's Eve) we'll probably just be at home playing games :) My mom may come over for a while. I guarantee you we'll be in bed before midnight. We live a life of excitement ;) It's just not so fun to stay up until midnight anymore... especially when you know you'll have a baby ready to go bright and early :) Hope you all have a safe and fun New year's!


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