snow baby

Of course I had to plop Ethan down in the snow this morning and snap a few pictures :) I tried to get him to stand in it, but he seemed a little dumbfounded and didn't quite know what to make of it. Surprisingly the last of the snow is still out there as I type. Most of lasted until about 2:00 this afternoon. It was very pretty and I kinda felt like I was on vacation every time I looked out the window :)

I got him to stand at first... and he was like "what is this stuff?"

He kept scrunching up his face and looking at me funny

Then he plopped down and sat in it
and tried to take his Ugg's off. It is a miracle if we can get this child to keep shoes and socks on for more than five minutes.

"Mom, what are we doing in this cold stuff?"

We were only out there for about five minutes. We promptly came inside and warmed up :)


Tawny said…
I love it! Great pictures, you are getting so good with your lens! Where did you get Ethan's boots? I need to get some for Sammy especially since we are going up to Big Bear for New YEars!
Mark Leonard said…
The snow and his blue shirt really make his blue eyes pop in that second photo. Great shot!
Jessica said…
Thanks Mark :)

Tawny- I actually picked them up at a yard sale on our block for $2! They were never even worn. Thus, I have no idea where they actually came from.
Jolene Grace said…
Beautiful pictures Jess, great job! Ethan is so absolutely made one gorgeous kid. It is time to do it again. ;-)
The Keilers said…
I love that you're capturing all of these moments (and getting so good at photography in the process:).
Eileen said…
So cute! What fun! He's probably too old to remember, but he'll have your great images!
Rhonda said…
How fun to have a little snow in your front yard!
I'm finally getting a moment to sit at my computer and catch up on some blogs. I see you got the blog itch again. I like the new scheme.

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