Thanksgiving was kinda rough this year, but only because of Ethan. We went over to Matt's parents house and my mom and my brother joined us. We dined on some delicious Thanksgiving food and had a nice afternoon over there. Unfortunately E was still feeling quite sick and was miserable... and in turn made his mama miserable. He was just whiny and fussy all day long... nothing made him happy. While I felt bad for him, by the end of the day I was quite tired of the crying/fussing and weary of him being sick.

Today Ethan is FINALLY back to normal. It took seven days of him being sick, and let me tell you it was a LONG seven days. This past week honestly felt like a month. He didn't sleep well at night and he was just crabby all day long. He had no energy and was weak... he wouldn't even sit or crawl. We would put him on the ground and he would just fall over. What a nasty bug he had. I was quite weary by the end of the week. I can't tell you how much I appreciate having my happy guy back. I never thought I'd appreciate him being naughty... but being naughty means he's back to normal :) I hope we don't have to deal with another nasty bug like he had for a very long time.

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving:

I got a hair cut this week.... and I got bangs for the first time in a long time.
This was about as happy as E was all day... he pretty much went downhill from here

Daddy tried to coax a smile out of E.... but it didn't happen

Marlene preparing her turkey. Matt also smoked a 10 lb. turkey and brought it over... it was delicious!Grammy trying to console a crabby Ethan
A typical sight at Matt's parents house

Cranky Ethan

Me and my bro
Me and my mama
Sid & Marlene
Trying to make my cranky guy happy
Stuffed to the gills!
Thanks for having us over Mom and Dad H!

Since we had our very own turkey carcass due to Matt smoking a turkey, he decided to make turkey soup on Saturday. It turned out great and I didn't have to do a thing! I was very proud of him :) We've been enjoying it immensely. Good job honey!

Wow, I just hit my 401st post.... that's a lot of blogging.


Heather Hekman said…
Glad you have your happy boy back. Hope you're all getting some better rest. Turkey soup sounds very tasty. Glad Matt made it for you all.
krista said…
Cute hair!!! I love it.
Charlee said…
Glad to hear he is feeling better its tough when they are sick espically on mom's because we just want to snap our fingers and make it all better with a kiss.
The Keilers said…
Love the bangs :)! And I love that you've gone back to your natural color, it brings out your features :). You're such a pretty girl :).
Kelly said…
Your hair looks so cute! I got bangs like that once and loved them. But I was so terrible at keeping them up/trimming them, that I ended up growing them out and haven't gotten them since. :(
Tawny said…
Your hair looks great, and good choice on the bangs, they're cute! I'm so glad that this is your 401 post, I just love reading them all...and you are an inspiration! You got me started, then Amy, and in turn I got more of my friends started...:)

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