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Now that I actually have some time to blog for the first time in a week here are a few pictures I took the other week:
We were just playing outside.

Ethan was super proud of himself because he figured out how to sit in the chair. Notice how he has a ball in each hand. He loves those rubber balls. Whenever he is out there he has to have one in each hand.

Here are a couple of layouts I did the other week:

I also designed another blog layout. This is Matt's cousin's family blog.


Heather Hekman said…
I love Ethan's many expressions. You captured some very cute ones!
He just gets cuter and cuter! (however, i'm sure you're not thinking that when he's fussy;).
Christy said…
So cute! Oh and I LOVE the hair girly. You look great no matter what you do to your hair. :)
p.s. Ryanne has THE FEVER tonight. UGH!
Tawny said…
LOVE the layouts! I didn't even get ONE done when I was off...perhaps during the Xmas break?
Eileen said…
You are so talented! Love yours and Jolene's blog layouts and backgrounds (didn't someone say you did Jolene's?). Glad to hear that the baby is back to normal! Why is it they always seem to get sick during the holidays?

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