Tuesdays with cousins

Every Tuesday my sister-in-law Heather and I take turns watching each other's kids. This means that twice a month we each get a morning to ourselves :) It's been fun having my niece and nephew over every other week, and Ethan enjoys having other kids around. Yesterday I practiced using my 50 mm lens inside (I've only really used it outside) and snapped some pictures.

Ethan kept trying to drink out of Clayton's straw sippy so I got his out of the cupboard. I normally never use the kind with straws because Ethan just bites them. Yesterday however he figured out how to drink out of it! yay! He was very proud of himself.

Good job buddy!
Ethan has been practicing his walking a lot the past few days. He can make it about 9 or 10 steps now before he falls. Sometimes he falls much sooner than others, thus the bruised up forhead :)

My nephew Clayton (he's 2 1/2 now)
He likes Ethan most of the time... that is until Ethan tries to play with the toys he is playing with :) I suppose Ethan is giving him practice because soon he will be the big brother instead of the baby (Clayton will be a big brother... not Ethan, don't misunderstand me there, haha).
My neice Jenelle who is 4
She is very intently watching Dora here
Playing with Farmer Bill (that's part of the gift you got Ethan for his birthday Kelly)
Showing me a toy
This morning I cleaned most of my house. I had to take Matt to drop off his car at the repair shop, as it's acting up again, and then he took my car to work, so Ethan and I are at home today. That is just fine with me because it is COLD and rainy. It has snowed a few times today but nothing has stuck to the ground. The temperature has been hovering just above freezing.

I also got most of the rest of my gifts wrapped today. I have two more to wrap, but I have to pick them up from the post office first. I realized Christmas is already a week away... yikes! I don't know if I'll do much baking this year... the mood just hasn't struck and my days are quickly slipping by.

I'm still not feeling awesome. I have a mild cold which I probably caught from Ethan. I go back and forth between feeling OK and feeling icky. Hopefully I'll feel good by Christmas.

That's all for now :) I hear Ethan digging around in my cuboards, I suppose I'd better get him out of there. I have yet to get to the store to buy cabinet locks... perhaps one of these days :)


The Three T's said…
I really love that first pic you took of Clayton. It looks like a professional picture. You're such a good photographer. And those pics of Ethan are always cute. You guys made a very good-looking kid.
Kelly said…
Chris and I were just saying that if it were only a week later, it would be snowing the night before Christmas Eve! With our luck, it will be 80 degrees next week. :(
Jolene Grace said…
Great pics jess...you are so talented. Christian and I have that icky cold too...no fun at all. I hope you are better by Christmas too! Can't wait to see you Christmas Eve!!
I found your blog and I wanted to say hi and Happy Holidays. Take Care...
Crystal said…
I love your pictures, you're getting so good!
You clean like a mad woman ;)~.
Kelly said…
I saw your pics on fb before and asked about your lens. Now I know the answer :) Great pics!

I can't believe you guys woke up to snow! Soooo cold.

I haven't baked,I didn't do Christmas cards and our tree is half (the top) decorated!!!

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