A visit from a dear friend

Today my dear friend Crystal came over for a visit. She and I have been friends since high school. Crystal moved to Texas about 9 years ago and I've missed her dearly ever since. Thankfully we can keep up very well now since we both have blogs :) Crystal was in town visiting her family and came over this afternoon for lunch. Jolene and Christian also joined us (as we were all friends in our college group at church). It was so very nice to see Crystal. She is one of these dear people that I wish I could see all the time. I am always blessed by my time with her. Thanks for coming out Crystal :)

Having other people around means I take pictures! hehe. In true "me" fashion here are lots of pictures from the afternoon:

Ethan thought he wanted some of Crystal's coffee
Our second child... Cookie.... always in the middle of the action
Jolene and Christian playing in the leaves.... so cute :)

The boys play pretty well together, it's so nice that they can be entertained by one another. Ethan loves having other kids around.

I thought this picture that I took of Christian was really cute.... love those big blue eyes
I think he was pointing at a hummingbird
Crystal, it was wonderful to see you! I love you!


Christy said…
yay for spending time with old friends! They really know us and make us feel loved huh? :)
Crystal said…
Awe, thanks for this sweet post! As I've said a million times before, I wish so much we lived closer. Times like this would be commonplace. I love you so much Jess!

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