Winter Wonderland

Last night around 7:00 it finally got cold enough that the rain that had been dumping all day turned into snow and actually stuck to the ground. If you're not from around here this is exciting for us because it doesn't happen often.

This morning a lot of the snow was still around so I quickly snapped a few pictures before it turns to slush. There was more last night.... it was sticking to the streets and everything. It was crazy to wake up in Southern California to a winter wonderland :)

our backyard
The view from our front porch

our driveway
the fountain in our backyard
our backyard


Nikki said…
That is so cool...The snow made it to my parents but not me and we live less than a mile from eachother. It snowed like that at our house 2 years ago..... So you gonna take Ethan out to play?monab
Bro said…
Make a snow man and a snow angle for me :)
Crystal said…
How exciting :)! My parents have 6 feet right now, crazy huh?!
Jolene Grace said…
how pretty! Danny is going to be sooo jealous. Wouldn't it be fun if it snowed again in a week, so that you get a white Christmas?
Christy said…
wasnt that so fun! We got all bundled up and went outside to a snowball fight with the neighbor kids last night until about 8pm. Then went for a walk this morning at 7am. We ran in for hot cocoa and donuts shortly after. Im gonna go post my photos. :)
Tawny said…
How fun! I remember you telling me about the snow at your house a couple years ago, so I've been wondering about if you got any this year..but you answered it! Good thing Ethan is starting to walk, even more motivation to not crawl!!!

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