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The other day I was sitting outside while Ethan played. I am pretty sure I saw an eagle. Now, I know eagles are not common in Yucaipa, but is it possible he was just passing through? I had my camera out so I snapped a picture. Matt said it was a hawk at first, but I've seen a lot of hawks, they are very common around here, and he looks different. The hawks don't have that solid white around the head and tail. What do you guys think? Is this an eagle?

I think it's pretty cool!


On Saturday my brother came over and made sushi. In the process of making it he taught me how to make it as well. It really wasn't as hard as I'd imagined. I made some tasty rolls. Of course I didn't eat any of the raw fish. We cooked up a couple of king crab legs and I combined that with avocado, cucumber and cream cheese to make several rolls. It was a lot of fun. Jerrod even brought over square plates and "sushi" dishes. Three of his friends came over as well. I'd give sushi Chef Jerrod an A! This was actually only his first time making it on his own (someone else taught him a month ago). I'm sure he'll get even better with more practice.
Here are a few more random pictures from Saturday:

Ethan is "helping" Daddy prune the apricot tree here.
On Sunday we finally got to go to church together as a family. This was the first time all month that Ethan was well enough to go in the nursery. It was SO nice to go together. I'm pray…

Quiet = naughty

When it suddenly gets quiet in the house I know I'd better search for Ethan. The other day I was trying to get food together in the kitchen while Ethan was playing in his room. I could hear him so I thought he was fine. It took me a few minutes before I realized it was quiet all of the sudden. Normally the bathroom doors are always shut, but my darling husband had left ours open. Ethan had closed himself inside our bathroom and was having quite a good time.
He emptied an entire box of Q-tips :) That is great fun for a toddler.
I had to laugh. Of course I went and grabbed my camera. He seemed so proud of himself, lol.

A picture I haven't shared yet....

This was fun to wake up to a couple of weeks ago....
Yup, we're expecting :) I'm due mid September, which puts me at about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. We decided not to keep it a secret for so long this time. It's just more fun to share :) So far I'm feeling pretty good. I was very sick by this time with Ethan. I'm praying that it continues since this time I have a toddler that I'm chasing around. We're excited and praying for a healthy baby :)

Amazing Fish Tacos

I thought I posted this recipe before, but maybe I didn't. Anyhow, a few people recently asked me for my fish taco recipe so here it is :) I adapted it from a recipe I found online. It is SO yummy.

Amazing Fish Tacos
1 cup all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1 cup beer 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 lime, juiced 1 jalapeno pepper, minced 1 teaspoon minced capers 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin …

Less homework is better?

I came across this article about homework and thought it was very interesting. As a teacher I was always of the mindset that less homework was better. I tend to think too much homework takes away valuable family time. Too much homework seems to stress not just the student, but the entire family. I'm all about daily quality family time. I think it's vital to the well being of a child and teenager. I know lots of teachers read my blog... what do you guys think?

January 19-23

January 19: My brother and my mom had the day off. My brother was awesome and watched Ethan for a few hours while I went to the movies with my mom and her friends. It was SO much fun to see a movie (it had been a year since I saw a movie!). Jerrod changed his very first diaper and took Ethan to the park. He was a great Uncle! They are blowing raspberries in this picture.
January 20: Playing outside at sunset. Ethan enjoyed a few pushes in his swing.

January 21: Cleaning day. Wednesdays are usually when I clean my house. I prefer to clean in the mornings. I like to be finished by the time Ethan wakes up from his morning nap so I usually clean like a maniac. While I don't enjoy cleaning I LOVE having a clean house.

January 22: Only a baby could nap like this. It's like he was sitting up and got tired and just slumped over.
January 23: This was actually taken on Thursday night, but I had to include it in my pictures. We had dinner at Danny & Jolene's. This is ju…

Ethan's slide

Ethan loves his slide. He just recently figured out how to climb up on it and slide down. The only catch is that he slides down head first, he hasn't figured out how to do it on his bottom. Here is a video clip of him from yesterday:


-Got myself ready, fed Ethan and had chili in the crock pot and a cake baked before 8:00 am.

-Got to spend the morning alone as my sister in law had Ethan. I ran errands and ate soft serve ice cream for lunch.

-Laundry is in the washer right now.

-Ethan has been great so far (thank goodness because he was a beast over the weekend).

- As soon as I put him down in a bit I'm going to watch a TiVoed show (I'm too embarrassed to say which show, lol).

bows and layouts

After being inspired on Amy's blog I decided to make some bows. I went to Sally's Beauty and bought the cheap metal clips and then used scrapbooking supplies and ribbon that I had on hand. Obviously I won't be putting these on Ethan :) They are for gifts. Some I think look kinda cheesy, and I'll probably just throw them away, but I was pleased with most of them. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing of links Amy!
You have to bake the ribbon to make them curly like that. I didn't think mine turned out so great.

Lastly, here are two layouts I did this weekend:

A few more pics...

A few more pictures from the other day. I thought Ethan looked so cute in this outfit with his new shoes.

January 14-18

January 14: Enjoying the Twilight series. I read the first two books and am now looking forward to reading the last two. I could have sat and read ALL day if not for the fact that I also have a little boy to look after :)

January 15: I love this picture, I think Ethan looks like he's modeling, it cracks me up. He's also wearing his cool new shoes, which unfortunately seem to hurt his feet. Darn. Maybe he'll break them in.

January 16: After not eating ANY of his breakfast Ethan was hungry (oh, what a surprise). I was too lazy to put him back into his highchair since I had just cleaned it, thus I let him sit on my lap to eat.

January 17: Jerrod and his friend Nate came over to help Matt paint the house. It is now officially scraped and primed (the hardest part). All that is left to do is paint the color and trim. Matt was very grateful to have the help.
January 18: Sundays are usually spent relaxing together as a family. While Ethan napped Matt and I enjoyed a movie. A…


All of your comments to my food post made me feel a little better :) I know a lot of parents deal with food issues with their kids. Sometimes I get so weary of our battles. I was thinking after I wrote that post that we all have our battles with our kids.... weather it's food, sleeping, tantrums, defiance, etc. If it's not one thing it's another. I guess it makes me feel better to realize that raising a child IS NOT EASY (not that I ever thought it was). I think sometimes it's easy to think that everyone else has it easy because their child does A and B but yours does not. However we all have our issues with our children and it's all a part of being a parent.

my stubborn eater

My little boy is very stubborn when it comes to food. Food has been our struggle since the beginning, from Ethan not waking up to eat, to him not taking a bottle, to him just being plain picky. Daily it is a challenge to find something that Ethan will eat. The frustrating thing is that one day he loves something and the next day he hates it. I often go to the trouble of making him a meal that I think he'll enjoy (because normally he does) only to have him shun everything. Sometimes I don't offer him anything else and I figure if he was really hungry he'd eat it. However as the day wears on and he truly is hungry he becomes crabby and just plain awful to be around. Thus I usually give in and give him something... anything he'll eat just so that he'll be more pleasant. The crabbiness really wears on me.

I try not to be anal about food, but I care about health and do my best to make sure we all get a well balanced diet. I suppose some days granola bars, chicke…

yum yum

Today my brother and his friend Nate came over and helped Matt paint all day. They were SO awesome. The house is finally all scraped and primed. All that needs to be done is the colors. To thank the guys for their hard work I made a meal my brother requested: my famous fish tacos. Since I already had the deep fryer out and I was frying things someone suggested doing fried bananas for desert. I found a yummy recipe and let me tell you they were delicious! I paired them with some vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate. If you're in the mood to fry something I highly suggest them. Here is the recipe:

Ingredients:1 cup flour1 tsp sugar1 tsp baking power1/2 tsp salt1 T ground cinnamon
2 eggs1/2 cup milk2 T oil5 ripe bananas
Directions:beat eggs with milk and oil.add sugar, flour, cinnamon, baking powder and salt and whisk till smooth.slice bananas in half and then slice lengthwise.dip bananas in batter and deep fry for 6-9 min or until golden brown at 350 degrees.spri…

January 9-13

January 9: Enjoying lunch with a buddy. I already posted this pic.

January 10: "Can you share your binky?" Grammy taught Ethan how to share, and he has no problem letting someone else have a few sucks on his binky.

January 11: Bath time fun. Ethan is giving me a kiss here... and also looking at daddy and giggling.

January 12: Enjoying a Popsicle on a warm January afternoon. I love that he has it backwards here. He made such a mess eating it.

January 13: Playing outside with cousins. This was the Tuesday that it was my turn to have Clay and Jenelle so that Heather could enjoy a nice morning to herself.