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the little luxuries

I love having a child, I really do. However there are certain things that I never really appreciated before having a child. When these things do happen now, I DEFINITELY appreciate them. Here are some things I never thought of as luxuries before having a child:
long, uninterrupted showers that don't have to be crammed in during nap time or rushed while my toddler plays in the bathroom and pounds on the shower door.
reading. I still read, but not near as often as I used to. Many times on Sundays Matt and I would sit in front of the fire in our chairs and read for hours on end.
leisure meals. Taking my time to eat and enjoying a good conversation with someone else while I eat.
leisure shopping trips where I take as long as I want and try on clothes when I feel like it.
quietcleaning. Yes I know this sounds odd, but what I miss is cleaning my house quickly without interruptions and not having to keep someone else entertained while I try to clean.sleeping in. I would even be excite…

15 month old vs. Oreo

What do you get when you give a 15 month old an Oreo......
.... a huge mess! It looks like he has a black beard, haha.
A random picture from bath time

my hair cut

I got my hair cut yesterday... a few inches were chopped off. Here is a really horrible picture I took of myself in the mirror.
Here is another really bad and blurry picture. I tried to take a belly shot (I am 10 weeks now). My belly has already popped out a little... much faster than with Ethan. I guess my body already knows what to do! I'm a little bummed that I'm already not fitting into my normal pants. I busted out the Bella band this week and even a few pairs of maternity pants.
My cravings have switched for the better. Fast food now sounds disgusting most of the time. Instead I'm actually craving salads and fruit! yay! With Ethan I couldn't even handle the thought of vegetables. I've also been going on 45 minute to an hour walks every afternoon (something else I didn't do while pregnant with Ethan). Cookie and Ethan love it, and really it's my most peaceful time of day. Ethan is quiet and content in his stroller and I can just walk and enj…


I've been using sign language with Ethan for simple things for quite some time. Today during breakfast he signed "more" to me letting me know he wanted more cereal. I was SO excited to have him communicate with me in a way other than grunting, whining or screaming. He did it several more times, each time in the right context. Yay for communicating :)

He's also been trying to say "all done" but it sounds more all "ahhh duuu".

The weekend

Friday night I had the opportunity to get together with some dear girlfriends that I knew from youthgroup. We met at Macaroni Grill and had a lovely dinner. We weren't quite ready to part ways so we went to Starbucks and ended up staying until it closed. It was only 10:30 but let me tell you I am never out that late! It was so much fun to get out and catch up with them.

Saturday Matt went to the races with his brother, Dad and James. They had a lot of fun and got to see two races. They were there all day.

I had a birthday party to go to in Oceanside and really didn't feel like driving alone so my sweet brother was kind enough to accompany me. I am so glad he did because the 215 was closed in Murrieta due to a sink hole, so we had to go a different way. It took us two hours each way, and I was very grateful to have company and someone to help me attend to Ethan in the car. He actually did really well for most of the time, but on the way home he had enough and screamed bl…

Ethan's first hair cut

Ethan got his first hair cut yesterday. It was much needed as he was looking quite shaggy and his hair was hanging into his eyes.

Here are two pictures of his hair before:
shaggy boy :)
We took him to Matt's hair lady since it's just right down the street. She had him sit on my lap and we gave him snacks. He did pretty well. He didn't like it at all when she tried to use the clippers, so she stuck to the scissors. I was relieved he did well, I was afraid he would scream and try to get down.

Here he is afterwards looking all clean cut and handsome :) I seriously took like 100 pictures trying to get one decent one of him looking at me smiling. It really never happened, but I did get some fun shots.

He celebrated his new do by doing pushups in the lawn ;)

And he felt so handsome that he decided to be "king of the world" up on his Kangaroo Climber
Matt snapped a couple of pictures of me that I kinda liked

Ethan blowing spit bubbles

Oh Poop!

I was sharing this story with some dear friends last night and I was told I needed to post it on my blog to give someone else a good laugh. If you're eating or offended by poop, don't read this :)

As you know I feel nauseous almost all of the time these days. This makes my gag reflex just a little bit more sensitive than normal, which is why this story is even worse for me right now.

Wednesday morning after Ethan's nap we headed to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. We came home and I while I put away the groceries I let Ethan play in the backyard. I keep the door wide open and let him run in and out while I'm inside. He was having a grand time tromping around in the backyard since it was finally sunny after many days of rain. I called him in to eat lunch and in he came running. I noticed as he walked across my rug and kitchen floor that he was tracking mud all over. So I quickly scooped him up and walked back outside to take off his shoes.

That is when I no…

A few pics from the weekend

Ethan is over his cold... yay :) Matt and I are pretty much over ours too, just finishing up the tail end of this nastiness. I'm very happy the sun is finally out today because that means I can take my little guy out to play. He's been a bit tired of being cooped up inside due to the rain. Although I know we need the rain and I'm grateful for it, I'm happy for a break from it :)

I snapped a few pictures on Sunday:

Ethan loves his new helicopter. It has all of his favorite things... buttons, balls, wheels and it makes noise. He mostly likes to put the balls in and take them out.

E watched part of the race with Daddy on Sunday. By part of the race I mean like 2 minutes, haha.
Since we stayed home from church on Sunday I listened to the sermon online and scrapped a quick page while I had a little bit of motivation.
Speaking of motivation I got my house cleaned this morning... yay. I skipped cleaning last week because I felt so awful. Those of you who know me know that…

this week

This week had been about survival. The three of us are on the tail end of a REALLY nasty cold and I have had really bad nausea all week on top of it all. As each day has gone by I'm just happy to have made it to the end. I feel like I haven't been all that positive, which is why I haven't blogged.... I'm afraid I'll just complain :)

I keep telling myself "this too shall pass". Things will get easier sooner. As for now, I'm taking things one day at a time. On Thursday my mom was sweet enough to take half the day off work and took care of Ethan so that I could rest since I was feeling so icky. I was SO very grateful. Being so sick and neauseous and then having to care for a sick and crabby baby all week has really kicked my butt.

On a positive note Matt and I were able to have a nice Valentine's yesterday. We went over to Matt's parents house in the morning for breakfast (something we are going to do once a month now). Ethan unfortunately…

two videos

Here are a couple of vidoes. They aren't anything special, just typical scenes from our life right now. I'll start off with the happy one first. This is Ethan playing in the bathtub. He loves his bath.

This next one is one of Ethan's lovely tantrums. You have to tape the bad right along with the good because that's just life. You might want to turn down the volume for this one :) I have to say I won't miss tantrums!

some pictures from the week

I haven't been taking many pictures lately. Here are a few from this week.

Don't mind Ethan's crusty nose here, he is still quite sick with a cold. He is also wearing outfit number three of the day :) This was yesterday.

Ethan thinks it's so fun now that he can reach his binky bowl in his room. He gets them down and has a binky tasting party. It's kinda funny. I've noticed the binky stash is slowly dwindling, as he hides them in places I can't seem to find. I might have to move the bowl so that we don't end up loosing all the binkies.
He sits on the floor and takes sucks from each binky, haha.
Dragging his teddy around.... a very common scene
Yesterday there was a hawk that kept coming into our front yard. Apparantly he found some tasty bugs. I thought he was kinda cool so I snapped a few pictures.

Yesterday it snowed off and on all afternoon here, it was very pretty to watch. This morning it is clear and sunny and the mountains are covered in snow,…