Baby #2

Today I had a doctor appointment with my OB. My mother in law was kind enough to watch Ethan for me and Matt met me at the Dr.'s office. He likes to come along with me to my appointments, and I don't mind :) He was very glad he came today because we got to see the baby. My Dr. did a quick ultrasound. Last time I had an ultrasound (at 8 weeks) the baby looked like more of a blob, but this time you could definitely tell it was a baby. We saw the heartbeat too. It's amazing that all of the organs are functioning at this point and yet the baby is so tiny. It was very exciting to see the little miracle growing inside of me :) Hopefully in about 6-7 more weeks we can find out if we're having a boy or a girl.

My doctor also changed my due date back to what it was originally (Sept. 18th). That puts me at just about 13 weeks pregnant. I was excited by this news because hopefully that means I'll feel better even sooner than I thought :)

After my doctor's appointment Matt and I grabbed a quick lunch at Rubios. It was fun to have lunch alone on a weekday, I don't think that's happened since we had Ethan. Thanks for watching him mom :)

I've still been having nausea almost all the time. It's been pretty rough. I look very forward to having this stage behind me and having a little more energy. I've gained a few pounds already this pregnancy (last time I lost weight in my first trimester). This is because I eat constantly to keep the nausea at bay. I also don't always make the wisest choices.... I eat whatever sounds good, and that changes from day to day.


Noreen said…
Where's the ultrasound picture? I hope you start to feel better soon!
being sick my whole pregnancy i had to eat 24/7 the entire 9 months...and i got back to my normal size need to do whatever you can in order to feel better!!hey if you email the recipes to tawny ( the freezer ones) will you CC me too?? your recipes are GREAT! ok and you know whats strange? the word i have to write in order to get my comment posted on here is incest. SICK. hehe
Kelly said…
I thought I was going to be a balloon by the time this baby came because I ate SO much for the same reasons as you during my first trimester. But it has actually evened out and I'm only a couple pounds more now than I was this time with Cam. So know you won't keep gaining and gaining the whole time!
Heather Hekman said…
Mike says since your cravings change from day to day that you're having a girl.:) I'm glad that you are back to your original due date. That's encouraging.
Crystal said…
I don't look forward to this part of pregnancy :(.
But it's happy that you saw the heart beat and that you got to be together for the appointment :).
Genn said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy. Glad everything is well. The nausea is the worst. Hopefully that goes away for you soon. It makes it hard to entertain a little one when you are feeling that way.
Amanda said…
Hey aunt jess, glad the new is good.
Hope the nausea goes away soon.
Don't know if you realized this, but your due date is my birthday! Maybe I'll get a birthday buddy! :D Can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl!
krista said…
I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!! I am sorry you are still having so much nausea. Ughhhh those days are HARD. But if you are 13 weeks, then you are close to the end of the nausea if this pregnancy is anything like the last!
Christy said…
feel better soon friend. Glad it is all going good though. :)

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