Finally some pictures

Wow, a week without me posting pictures, that's a lot of time! I know you were all eagerly awaiting some exciting pictures of our lives ;)

Here are a few from this morning before we left for church. It was near impossible to get Ethan to look at the camera so that we could both get a picture with him.

This was an exciting freebie we got this week. I had been wanting to get Ethan one of these cool little cars and a friend from church didn't want hers anymore, so she gave it to us for free. Score! Ethan loves it. Of course my little daredevil has to try to stand in it and has gotten stuck trying to crawl out the back window part. He's also knocked it over onto himself a few times. He loves when I push him around in it.
Here is a belly shot from this morning. I am 15 weeks pregnant now. It's so funny because my belly looks way bigger in the evening, then in the morning it's smaller again. I guess all that food I eat during the day makes a difference!
We made it to the gym three times total this week... yay! I am actually kinda liking Ethan's new nap schedule. It allows me to have time to go to the gym AND run an errand or two before we come home and eat lunch and rest. Ethan has been getting better about being in the nursery too. He used to just fuss but now he is getting the routine down.

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent the entire day at my mom's. Ethan and I went over in the morning and my mom and I took him to the park. Then we came back and while Ethan napped I read my book on my mom's swing in her backyard. It was so wonderful and relaxing. Matt worked in our yard all day and also went and helped a friend out with some sprinkler issues. He then came over to my mom's for dinner. Ethan, my mom, my brother and I just hung out all afternoon and then my mom made a delicious dinner and some of her friends came over with their grandbaby who is Ethan's age. The kids were really cute playing together.

Today I went and got a few veggies for my garden. Matt made me a space for one in the front yard kind of on the side of our house. I'll post pics when I plant them. I'm so excited to have some of my own veggies this year. I haven't planted a garden for the past two years.

I am REALLY looking forward to Tuesday because my mother in law is giong to take Ethan all day so that I can go to the mall and enjoy a day to myself :) I never thought I could look so forward to time alone!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We are LOVING this glorious spring weather here.


Noreen said…
Your belly is looking so cute!
i LOVE that bottom picture of Ethan!!! and good for you to get some time to yourself!!
Brigitte said…
Hi, we looked for you at church but could not find you. I have your order. So just let me know when I can drop it by. Take care and cute pictures.
Tawny said…
What a handsome little man! I love the freebie too! We are still on a look out for one of those house/jungle gym things...I guess we don't wake up early enough to go scouting for garage sales!
You look adorable! I love the LITTLE belly! You are out of T1 too!!!
Tawny said…
Ohhh, and don't spend too much shopping! :)
Rhonda said…
Ooooo a day for YOU! How fun. Treat yourself to something special.

And I LOVE the picture of Ethan by himself. Great job!
Heather Hekman said…
My prego belly did the same thing. You look great! Glad you get some time to yourself. Yeah!
Kelly said…
Cute pictures! Your belly is too cute. The girls love their coupe car as well. Julia makes me have a heart attack every time with how she manages to climb over and in and then under.
The Keilers said…
E has handsome-boy hair, oh my. And I wish I was there to spend your day at the mall with you :)! We used to love putzing around at the mall (remember our "Mac" lipstick that everyone gave us grief over?!). :):):):):):). xoxoxoxo
Patty said…
Hope you had a great day today!
Love the new ride for Ethan. Looks like a lot of fun!
Leslie said…
thanks for commenting thought I would come say hi!! Oh my your little boy is squishy squishy cute... seriously, he is a sweet pea... :)

and another baby too, what a blessing...
Ain't this mommying stuff sweet... :)

I will be back for sure!

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