While Ethan took a nice three hour nap this afternoon I scrapped. This was the first time I've scrapped in a couple of months because I usually nap when he does. However I got ten hours of sleep last night so I'm feeling pretty good today :)


Kelly said…
First off, I don't even want to start on how jealous I am of Ethan's 3 hour nap!!! Second, what a great pic in front of the Christmas tree! You couldn't have asked for a better smile from him. Probably couldn't have gotten a better family pic at a studio!
Brigitte said…
SO cute! You are really good at this...want to do mine...I think I still have to start back when Gracie was a baby. Hee hee. Not that creative or crafty.
Tawny said…
So cute...I'm feeling, I need to get all my stuff out, I am so close to being done with Travis' blanket, and then my reward is to SCRAP!!!
Jolene Grace said…
You are so very talented. I am curious though...will all of your children have such amazing scrapbooks?
Jessica said…
Good question Jolene :) My goal is that they will! It is my creative outlet and something I enjoy, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up on it :)

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