my handsome little guy

We finally got to go to church as a family on Sunday. It was so nice to be able to go together. Ethan looked so handsome in his outfit that I had to snap a picture. Look at the difference in his expression in only a matter of minutes.

Happy face.... I rarely catch that smile on camera :)

Whiny face.... a face I see quite often these days :)


Charlee said…
I think the fussy face is adorable. It will soon pass I know it feels like forever but it does go away and his smile will take over most of the time its just being patient and waiting it out. It seems to me boys are more frustrated at this age and tend to whine and throw fits more then use thier words.
Crystal said…
The fussy face is frameable. And he looks like a little man in the first---oh so cute!!!
Tawny said…
He surely is a handsome little guy! How are you doing...which face do you where most these days?
Jessica said…
Tawny- haha...I try not to wear the crabby face too much ;) Some days are better than others :)
Christy said…
he looks so cute!

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