My little garden

Matt made me a space for a little garden in our front yard. It's over on the side next to our driveway. Before we landscaped our backyard I planted a bigger garden and had tomatoes and squash coming out of my ears. This is a smaller space and allowed me just enough space for a few plants. After I planted the plants Matt even installed some drip irrigation so I don't have to water by hand... yay! Thanks honey :)

I planted a roma tomato, a regular tomato and a little yellow grape tomato
a bell pepper
a squash and a cucumber
Hopefully my little garden yields me some delicious veggies come summer :) There is nothin liek home grown produce.

I also have my first rose blooms of the season. This is an English rose bush and the roses smell delicious.

Spring is in the air! I'll show some pictures of all my flowers when I finished getting those planted :)


Tawny said…
Great pictures! I want a garden too!!! No space here, so I will live vicariously through you...and come and sample them when they are ready if you don't mind :)
Christy said…
your just like your dad, a green thumb. SO fun! :)
Genn said…
I so wish I had more of a green thumb. I hope your veggies grow well. I wish I had space to do the same thing, with the cost of groceries, it's great to grow whatever you can!
Patty said…
YAY for a garden! Alan is busy preparing our garden plot too. I love home grown veggies! Nothing compares.
Rhonda said…
Home grown veggies are the BEST!
And your rose is beautiful.
Crystal said…
I can't wait to watch it grow :)! You should compost too, it's supposedly the best soil (and awesome for the planet). I hope to do that in our next place.

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