The park

Monday I was feeling pretty decent so I took Ethan to the park for a little while. I've still been feeling sick almost all the time so I was very happy to have a day that I felt decent. It was cold out so we were the only ones there, but Ethan had a blast playing. He especially loved the slide. I brought along my point and shoot camera and tried to take a couple of pictures.

He also loved climbing up on this ledge and walking back and forth. I am telling you this child is boy through and through. He tries to climb everything, loves the dirt and outdoors, and is constantly getting hurt.
Lately Ethan has been obsessed with lights. Whenever he sees a light he points up and makes a sound. As soon as he gets to my mom's house the first thing he does is run into her living room and point at her light which is also a fan. She lets him play with the remote so he stands there and turns it on and off and gets such a kick out of it.

Ethan is still pretty high maintenance. He doesn't play happily by himself often and he gets stir crazy if we are home for too long. Often times he gets very whiny and unhappy at home, but he is happy as a clam if we go to the park or someone else's house. He keeps me pretty busy these days. One of the hardest things is his temper. He gets frustrated and screams and cries at the drop of a hat. Some days I just feel like all he does is whine, but I know that's not the case... it just feels like it. I just totally understand the saying that at this point in our lives the days are long but the years are short. The days feel VERY long sometimes. Of course we have good days too, however during the past few months it seems like the bad days outnumber the good ones. I hope so badly that Ethan is just a little easier by the time the baby comes. All this to say that the past few months have been the hardest so far for me. I know that kids go through phases, and I have to say that I look forward to a phase that is easier than this one. I also have to admit that I hope this next baby is a little more like his daddy, and by that I mean layed back :)


Charlee said…
I totally understand! Breven used to be the most difficult one year old and then when he hit 2 we never had the terrible 2's and he was a totally different kid once he had more language and ways to keep busy. Hang in there toddlers are hard but there are those days and those moments when he will be so sweet and so cute that it will take that bad day away. It all passes and it passes by so fast.
i know how i told you this has been great so far with lucy ..( this stage) but today she started the tantrums. HORRIBLE. i see what you mean. but remember my child has never played by herself for longer than like 30 the playing by herself for 5 minutes here and there now is still nice. we will look back at all of this soon and laugh though!
Crystal said…
I love all of these transparent details :).

And I'm so sorry that you've been experiencing so much nausea :(. I pray it goes away soon!
Leanne said…
12 to 18 months was the most difficult for me with Keira. She knew what she wanted/needed, but didn't have the vocabulary to get that point across, and she was becoming much more mobile and restless. Lots of discipline took place too, which I am now very grateful that I put the time and energy and effort into. It has definitely paid off. I can not imagine having been pregnant during that time...crazy!!!!

Keep up the good mommy-ing!!! You are so awesome to let him play outside everyday! And your house always seems to be in order! How do you do that!?! Amazing!

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