sweet little Stephen

Yesterday I went over to my sister in law's house and took some pictures of my sweet new little nephew Stephen. I am not pretending to be a professional photographer in any way shape or form, I just did this for fun :) I figure it gives me some good practice before our new little arrival.

It was definitely a challenge taking pictures while having Ethan try to crawl all over me, but somehow we managed :) Newborn babies are just so stinkin' precious. I had fun taking the pictures :)

Stephen was very awake for the first while, probably because I made Heather strip him down to his diaper and so he was a bit chilly. After eating and warming up he finally went to sleep and we got some cute sleepy pictures as well.

I love his little wrinkled up forehead here :)

Ahhhh, nothing like a sweet sleeping baby
Stephen's brother and sister love him a lot and were very excited to get in on a picture


Christy said…
aaaaahhhh, you did great! The photos look amazing to me and I dont think I am to bias of you. ;) Love you friend!
Brigitte said…
I love them! You did great. By the way I just entered this contest for my business and thought you might like to as well. I hope I copied the link correctly. Here it is...http://www.startupnation.com/leading-moms-2009/listing/a/index.php

Have a great weekend! (by the way I lost your email address again.) Sorry.
Kelly said…
Wow Jess! Those pictures are beautiful. I really like the second one with his hand up by is face. But then after I scrolled down I liked the next one better :) Great job! What a wonderful memory for Heather to have.
Rhonda said…
I agree with the consensus. Those pictures are really nice. I especially love the 6th one down (right after the one with siblings kissing him.) The light in that one is sooo nice.
There are a couple of videos that I just got that I think you will love. They are called, "Refuse To Say Cheese" and "Beyond The Green Box" and you can get them here: http://www.refusetosaycheese.com/home.php. You will probably appreciate Me Ra's blog too. I just love reading it and learning.
Mark Leonard said…
Great photos Jess! It's good inspiration for me and our new little bundle of joy.
Heather Hekman said…
You did great! I am biased, I know. Thanks so much.
Tawny said…
Those are beautiful! You did such a great job!!! Did you use your 50mm? When I come over this week (that is what I am hoping for if you're feeling up to it) I am going to pick your brain...I can't wait to have Travis here to start taking pics like that of him!
Leanne said…
Girl, you are getting really good at taking photos!!! I LOVE them! Maybe you could start a business some day! :)
Leanne said…
Girl, you are getting really good at taking photos!!! I LOVE them! Maybe you could start a business some day! :)
Anonymous said…
WOW, amazing pics! I am truly blown away by your talent for photography!


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