A visit from Tawny and Sammy

My friend Tawny came over yesterday with her little girl Sammy. Sammy is six months older than Ethan. Tawny is also about two weeks away from giving birth from her next baby... little Travis. We had a nice time visiting outside while the kiddos ran around. The weather was beautiful.

Ethan and Sammy were so funny on the swing.....

Ethan: "Hey Sammy, what's happening?"

Sammy: "not much, but here's a kiss"

Ethan: "Wow, I think I like that!"

Ethan: "In fact I'm positive I like that. How about some more???? hehe. Here's a hug and if you turn around I'll plant another one on your forhead"
Sammy: "Woah, hey there buddy, I was just being nice, you're taking this way too far."

Ethan: "Come back!"
Sammy: "Get away from me!"
That's right Sammy, you have to practice telling those boys no! haha

After playing outside for quite some time the kiddos cooled off with some yummy popsicles.

Thanks for coming to visit Tawny! We had so much fun with you guys :)


Rhonda said…
I just love the swing series. Soooo adorable!
Patty said…
That is too funny. Love it!
Its warm today. I could use one of those popsicles!
Charlee said…
Love the commentary! Its so funny little boys and girls and the way they play.
Christy said…
Love it! Get used to it Ethan, that's women for you! ;) Moody and mysterious. ;)
Tawny said…
That was absolutely hilarious, I think more funny with your narration! I laughing out loud hysterically, Joe thinks I'm going nuts!
We had a great time, thank you so much for the snacks, and entertainment! In a couple months I'll need to come over to keep Sammy occupied!
hahaha, love it!
3T Heppenstall said…
I love your script! Hilarious and very cute!! Great pics!
This was too cute! i love the narration! what adorable kiddos!
The Keilers said…
So cute! Yeah I love your narration, pretty funny.
Genn said…
Great pictures. Love your narration too. Too cute.
Kelly said…
Oh my goodness that was the funniest thing ever. Poor Sammy! Go get Ethan :) Thanks for that laugh!!
Amy said…
That is so cute!
Shauna said…
Precious Pictures! I will be posting a Pay it Forward on my blog again probably tomorrow :) I have several blogs and I post it often! I l♥ve to pay it forward :)
christy p said…
SOOOOOOOOOOOoo adorable.
Heather Hekman said…
That's great. You are talented.

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