Welcome Stephen Drew!

Yesterday at 4:45 am. our newest nephew, little Stephen Drew entered the world. This is Matt's brother's Mike's third child. He came a bit early and VERY fast, but is doing well. He weighed in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. and 17 inches long. I was surprised because I was sure Heather was having a girl. It seems I'm usually wrong at guessing the sex of babies, lol. He sure is a cutie. Congratulations Mike and Heather :)
He is such a little peanut
Proud papa holding his newest son
Auntie Jess holding her newest nephew :)
Uncle Matt holding little Stephen
Ethan didn't seem to know that Matt was showing him a baby, as Stephen was so still and sleeping. He pretty much showed no interest :) Ethan is no longer the baby of the family! The last three children born to the Hekman family are all boys, and they are all 16 months apart... kinda funny. I'm sure they will all be great buddies in a few years.


krista said…
He's a cute little peanut. Glad he is healthy and everything went well! Congratulations on a sweet new nephew!
3T Heppenstall said…
Totally a cutie as are all the Hekman children! :-)
Patty said…
What a sweet little face! Congrats Hekman family. :)
Kelly said…
What a cutie! I bet it felt weird holding a tiny baby again!!
Crystal said…
Well I think I'm a "good" guesser. And my my guess is that your little peanut is a girl :).
Jessica said…
I hope you're right ;)
Charlee said…
He is handsome what a blessing for your family. I hope your friend is right and you are having a girl girls are so much fun! Please tell us all in Blog land I would love to knit something for your new little one when she or he arrives.
Eileen said…
Oh, so cute and precious! And so tiny! Mine were 8 lb 9 oz, and 8 lb 6 oz. Congratulations! Yes, the luxuries we miss, but oh so worth it! And your hair cute is SO cute!!! (I had to read several of your recent posts to keep up with you!!!)

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