18 weeks

Wow, I haven't blogged in a week... that is a long time for me! It's been a busy week but not really eventful. We've just been up to our usual stuff plus a few extras :) I won't bore you with all my details. Here is a quick rundown of my very exciting life, lol:
  • the gym, grocery shopping and errands
  • brought dinner to a friend that had a baby
  • went to a parenting seminar at church
  • watched the youngest 2 Oates boys one morning. Ethan and Grady had a blast playing together.
  • dinner with the Flores family on Thursday
  • Tmoms on Friday morning and Bunko on Friday night
  • birthday party for Mr. Jonathan Odenbaugh who turned one on Saturday.
  • church today followed by lunch at Chili's

Yesterday I had Matt take a picture of me to show my belly. I am now 18 weeks along. I am just barely starting to feel better. Really only the past couple of days have been better. The nausea has lasted longer with this pregnancy. I am hoping that I will feel completely better very very soon because quite frankly I am SICK of feeling sick. I am relieved to be feeling a bit better :) A week from Tuesday we have our ultrasound and can hopefully find out if this is a little guy or a gal :)

I am going to go scrap now while Ethan naps and hopefully get a few layouts done :)


Kelly said…
What a fun week! I love when we are busy. Not too busy but just enough to keep the girls going.

Did you do something different with your hair? It is really cute!

Love the belly as well. Definitely bigger than Ethan was at this point.
Jessica said…
I've just been doing my hair curled under instead of flipped :)

And yes, I am definitely bigger than I was with Ethan.... and not just my belly! haha.
then going with what you said above and going with the length of sickness. i predict its a GIRL!!!!
Heather Hekman said…
Glad you're starting to have some relief!
Charlee said…
I predict girl based on sickness and you saying that other places are bigger then with E. I had that all with Aubree.
Kelly said…
I can't imagine going 18 weeks of feeling yucky. I do hope these last two days mean you are on the upswing of things!
Jessica said…
haha, I would love if those predictions were right, but I guess we'll have to wait and see :) I'm also okay with having two little boys running around here :)
Christy said…
You look beauiful my friend! :)
Tawny said…
Love your belly! I swear every time I see you it looks like you aren't pregnant!
Leslie said…
cute post, cute belly... so fun, gosh that anticipation of pregnancy, its better than the nausea.. thats for sure..
Brigitte said…
Sounds like a very fun week! You look so cute. I was sick with Sofie for almost 25 weeks. It is so wonderful when that stops! Good luck and are telling what you find out about the sex of the baby? I always love to hear that news.
Eileen said…
You are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to hear the ultrasound results!!!

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