Breakfast and an egg hunt

This morning we went over to Matt's parents house for breakfast and an Easter egg hunt. Marlene made us a yummy breakfast and some cute sugar cookies. Despite the cold the kiddos played outside for a bit and I snapped a few cute pictures of them.

Clayton (I love this picture, I think it's my favorite of the day)

and Ethan
playing on the stairs.... one of Ethan's favorite activities

We came inside and the adults hid the eggs in the house since it was too cold to do it outside. I took lots of pictures :)

Baby Stephen who is happily putting on the pounds and is now 6 weeks old. He's sure a cutie.

Grandma and Grandpa love to hold him :)

Grandma tickling Ethan
Ethan was so cute with his first egg hunt. Matt helped him and showed him what to do and then he was happily finding eggs and putting them in his bucket. He loved to shake them and listen to the noise. I had fun watching them :)

He also had fun throwing the eggs out of the bucket, then putting them back in :)

Me and Matt
Mom & Dad and baby Stephen
Mike & Heather
Thanks for the yummy breakfast and the fun egg hunt mom and dad! We had a nice morning :)


Tawny said…
Great pictures! I love the one of all three kids on the stairs! I was looking at your blog last night to copy the picture that Faith took of Ethan on the towels with the tag! I LOVE that picture and tried to duplicate it...we'll see how it turns out with editing! Two babies are not easy to take pictures of! I am making my announcements from your motivation too!!!
Eileen said…
What a beautiful day with family!
Christy said…
Sounds like a great day! Dont kids just make it the best!!!! ;)

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