Ethan's latest obsession

Last week I picked up a pack of 100 plastic balls at Wal Mart. I got them for my mom to use in her bounce house. Friday it was raining so I let Ethan dig into the balls and play with them. He thought they were great and had a blast throwing them all around.

He kind of developed this odd obsession with them. He had to have at least two balls in his hands at all time. If we took them away for any reason he would throw a huge fit and act all heartbroken. He wouldn't put them down to eat or take his bath and he even had to take them to bed. Sunday we put the balls away and tried to hide them so that he would forget about them because we were getting a little tired of his odd obsession.

I kept about 6 balls out for him and let him play with them this morning because he was super crabby. He's had a low grade fever for the past few days and just hasn't felt good. I don't know if he's sick or if it's due to teething. Whatever it is I hope he feels better soon because I am very low on sleep and it's rough when he's crabby. Anyhow, I think I'll pick up a pack of those balls for myself to keep up in the closet. I think it's a fun thing to pull out on a rainy day.


Charlee said…
boys love balls don't they? I am getting a ball pit for Aubree and I am afraid that Breven will steal all the balls :)
Genn said…
Cute pictures of your little guy.

It was nice meeting you on Saturday too. Your little Ethan is adorable. He seemed to be having a good time.

Hope he's less crabby soon so you can get your rest. It's so hard to be so tired and pregnant when you have a busy (or cranky) toddler!
Kelly said…
Cam was like that with a bag of plastic Easter eggs my mom had. After our "hunt" (good thing he doesn't know they are supposed to be filled with candy!), he wanted to take them home with us and threw quite the fit when we had to leave them. :)
Patty said…
Isn't it funny how they get fixated on certain things? Well, until they throw the fits, anyway. :P
Rhonda said…
He's just so cute.
Its fun to put those balls in one of those plastic kiddie pools to play in.
Tawny said…
That's great! What will even be nicer is when Ethan can pick them all ups for you too! Sorry to hear that he is so sick :(
Any yes...I know private blogs are so annoying how they don't show up on any feeds as being updated...but I've had some freaky things come up, so better safe than sorry :)

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