more videos

Wow, I am on a roll posting three more videos! These are from the past couple of days.

The first one is from last night. I just thought it was so cute and so very "boy" the way Ethan was playing with his car.

The next one is from this morning. Ethan was just being silly laying on the floor and I was tickling him. I love his giggle when we tickle him.

The last one is from just a little while ago. Ethan learned how to open the back door last week and has had quite a good time opening and closing it. He also does a little dance at the end of the video.


The Keilers said…
Oh too cute. He really is getting SO big! I love the little bounce at the end :).
ok this is really funny...watching Ethan sign "more"....I thought I knew how to say more in sign language...and I taught Lucy and she caught on..and does it ALL THE TIME!!! Great right?!?! However I taught her a totally wrong way to sign it! And I hope the way she signs is doesnt mean anything bad in sign language! haha! I will have to try and get it on video and show it to you!
Amy said…
I love that he makes the sound effects while driving his little car. He's so cute!
Genn said…
Such cute videos of your little guy. :)

Just to warn you... when Hannah learned how to open and close our backdoor, she also learned how to lock it! One day she locked me out while taking out trash and I could not get back in. I panicked, but eventually found a way in. Hope that doesn't happen to you!

PS- I do not mind at all if you do a similar post about life/traveling before kids. It was fun to do that one.
Charlee said…
Too stinking cute!! He is 100% boy and the car sounds show it just wait until the cars crash.

Also to respond your twitter comment oxy clean baby works way better then spray and wash I have found! Also running the stain through cold water helps boys just seem to stain every thing!

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