Ethan's fever got worse today and he was just sick and not himself, so I took him to urgent care this afternoon. Turns out he has tonsillitis. Poor little guy :( He got some antibiotics so I'm praying he is on the road to recovery! One sick baby and one nauseous and exhausted mama is a rough combo.


Patty said…
Oh no! Sorry you guys got the sickies too! Hope you both feel better soon.
Kelly said…
Wha??? Really? Yikes. Its so hard not to over react (when the girls are sick) but when I hear stories like this how do you not? Good thing you went with your mama instincts then!

Goodness I hope you guys find some rest soon!
Heather Hekman said…
Sorry you're both still not at your best. Praying for you. How's Matt handling the stress?
Genn said…
So sorry your little guy has tonsilitis. Hannah had that at his age too and she was so sick. Luckily as soon as she got some antibiotics in her she was much better too. Hope he gets well fast, for his sake and yours!

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