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  • Tuesday was WONDERFUL. My mother in law kept Ethan for about 6 hours and I got to spend the day at the mall. I think I spent half my time in Nordstrom, haha. Oh how I love that store. It was so much fun to take my time, browse, try on clothes, enjoy a nice lunch and just enjoy being "me" without caring for someone else. Oh how I never realized how much I would enjoy time alone! Thanks so much mom!
  • Wednesday I did a little too much between going to the gym, cleaning my house and chasing after Ethan and I ended up crampy and not feeling well. I have to remind myself that this pregnant body just can't do everything it wants to. Guess I'll take it a little easier from now on :)
  • Still feeling sick. ugh. Wishing desperately I would just feel good again. Today I am 16 weeks so I am praying relief is just around the corner.
  • Last night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Danny & Jolene's followed by fun conversation and some Guitar Hero on the Wii. I also got to watch Jolene decorate a beautiful cake for a bridal shower (she really is talented).
  • We're off to T-Moms in a little bit. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Below are a few pictures of Ethan in his car.
  • p.s. I hate property taxes.


Amy said…
You just reminded me PROPERTY TAXES!!! I need to pay that! I hate them too, and what I hate more is the extra $3300 a year "special assessment fee" I get to pay on top of my property taxes (for 30 years!). I better start using the parks in my area :)Isn't that just ridiculous!!!
Heather Hekman said…
Glad you had such a good time with your freedom on Tuesday. That's great. Sorry you hurt when you were being so productive. I know it's frustrating. I agree with you about property taxes. I don't really feel too happy about any taxes.:)
ok so what do you do with ethan when you go somewhere for dinner and play Wii afterwards? just wondering how to do that kind of stuff!!!
Jessica said…
Sarah- We put him down for bed in the Pack n Play. It works out great :) It gives us adult time. When ti's time to leave we just get him and take him home, and he goes back to sleep just fine.
Charlee said…
Wow he realy likes that car! I am debating getting one for Aubree Breven never had one.
Patty said…
I am so jealous of your day to yourself! Glad you had a good time.
Sorry you still have the icks! Hope they go away SOON!
Christy said…
sounds like a good week. What you dont LOVE property taxes? Come on!! :)

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