this week so far

It's been a hot week! We had temperatures in the high 90's for a few days in a row. I got Ethan's little kiddy pool out and he had a blast playing in it. I didn't take any pictures... I will next time. I also took him to the park 2 mornings in a row. We went earlier since it was so hot. Thankfully today is is cooler and more like spring. The hot weather made me realize I'm not quite ready for the intense heat of summer.

Last night my mom was honored with a special award for being a super duper awesome secretary, so I went to see her get the award. It felt funny to be on the opposite end of the camera at an awards ceremony. It was me taking pictures of her instead of visa versa :) Afterwards we went to the Thai House for dinner.
This morning I finished cleaning my house. I find that if I do half one morning and half the next morning it is much more manageable. It's not that I have such a huge house and it is so much work, it's mostly that Ethan makes it very difficult for me to clean these days. I find that it's easier to split up into two chunks. On the days I need to clean he is almost always the most needy. Funny how that works huh? ANyhow, I'm quite happy to have a clean house and the laundry all done today :)

Here are a few pictures I took of Ethan a little bit ago:
He is wearing his new Reef's. When I was pregnant with him I remember being at the beach with Matt and seeing these little baby Reef's in a surf shop. They look just like Matt's but they have a strap in the back. Anyhow, I thought they were so cute but didn't buy them at the time. A few weeks ago I went to Nordstrom and used a gift card my mom had given me to buy them. I'm not normally a name brank junkie, but I just couldn't resist these. They are too cute.

Enjoying a grahm cracker
This morning Ethan did something he has always wanted to do. He climbed onto the couch all by himself. He was very excited about his, however it doesn't thrill me. Now that's one more place he can climb and tries to stand. I constantly have to make him sit down.

Lastly here are two pages I scrapped on Sunday:
(oops... I just realized I wrote the wrong date on that page, Stephen was born the day before.... argh!)

Oh, and a few random thoughts:
  • I love love love the smell of orange blossoms in the spring... oh how yummy they are
  • for some reason I can't get enough grahm crackers lately. They are just so yummy to me. What would really be yummy is some of Jolene's frosting to spread in between them... yum.
  • speaking of yummy I also love lemonade lately. When I'm not pregnant it kills me to drink calories, so I normally stay away from beverages like that, however since I'm already a heffer I don't care right now :)
  • Stay tuned, I'm going to post a few videos now


Charlee said…
Thats funny when I was pregnant I drank most of my calories the best lemonade is simply lemonade a bit pricy but so yummy! and if you add some frozen or fresh strawberries extra yummy!
Jessica said…
Oh my goodness the strawberries sound so yummy! I have some and I'm going to do that today! Thanks for the idea :)
Christy said…
Oh, Morgan and I were just saying yesterday how the smell of all the orange blossoms makes us so happy. :)

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