• I am very thankful for antibiotics. Ethan went to bed at 6:30, slept until 7:00 and woke up feeling MUCH better than yesterday. yay! Hopefully he kicks this nasty thing quickly.
  • I also got some much needed sleep last night and am feeling much better. The night before I had been up since 2:45 am... yuck!
  • Three weeks from today I have an ultrasound and can hopefully find out the sex of this little baby :)
  • Laundry is going, dessert is being baked for tonight (it's our turn to host our weekly Tuesday night dinner) and I'm headed off to the grocery store in a bit.
  • I am enjoying the sunshine today before we have a few days of cold and cloudy weather.
  • I am currently obsessed with plain black iced tea with lemon. It has to have lemon.
  • I am in the mood to sew but don't have the time to do it today. Perhaps next week.
  • That's about it this morning :)


Charlee said…
Ah the miracles of antibiotics sometimes 24hours is all it needs to do its magic! Glad everyone is feeling better today. Are you sharing the sex of the baby with those of us here in blog world? I am hoping for a girl #1 because girls are fun and #2 because I have a girly blanket knitting pattern I am dying to make and you would be the perfect reason to make it!
Rhonda said…
Yay for good medicine. I'm glad you guys got some good sleep.
Noreen said…
Can't wait to find out the sex of your baby!! Is black tea okay when you're pregnant? I really want some. I know that herbal tea isn't, but I haven't heard anything about black.
Christy said…
aahhh, sorry your little man isnt feeling well. Hope he is on the mend and you get some rest. Love ya' friend and cant wait to hear what you are having, I need an excuse to buy baby clothes. :)
Jessica said…
Charlee- of course I'll share the sex! I couldn't keep that a secret :)

Noreen- Black tea is fine to drink when you're pregnant. I suppose you shouldn't drink tons and tons of it b/c of caffeine, but I've been having like three huge glasses a day, lol.
Charlee said…
Good to know I need a new project here in a few weeks!

As for the tea if you put ice in it you are watering it down some so you are actually gettng more water in your system and there are great antioxidents in tea. (I live on iced tea decaff so I know all the good)you also are keeping hydrated for the baby and hopefully the nausea!
Noreen said…
Ah man! I've been craving it this whole pregnancy and now it's almost over. Instead of tea I've been indulging in desert drinks. That must explain the 40 pounds I've already gained.
Jessica said…
Charlee- yeah, you are right, I do water mine down a lot because I use a ton of ice. Tea is good for you! I drink iced green tea all the time too.

Noreen- You do not look like you're gained 40 pounds, you look terrific! You will probably loose it very quickly :)
The Keilers said…
Love these fun details! xoxo
Eileen said…
Glad you're little guy is on the mend. Such cute pictures of him with all the colored balls! And the scrapbook projects are SO GREAT! Glad you put a full page one in there of mommy! He'll appreciate that! You rock!!!

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