Here are a few videos from the past few weeks.

The first one is Ethan learning how to jump with Matt. He was so funny because he kept trying, but couldn't get his feet off the ground.

This next one is from last week while I was cleaning. As soon as I get the vacuum out Ethan steels the tubes and does this....

The last one is from this morning. It's nothing special, just Ethan playing outside with the dog crate.


Charlee said…
I love the vaccume one! Breven still does that! Its a boy thing any tube becomes a loud musical play toy!
Auntie Annette said…
vid 1--I love it when they do that---good for you for getting it on tape, brought back some fun memories!
vid 2--future saxophone player?
vid 3--he's a BOY, he doesn't care about shoes--he wants to know how the door latch works!
Thanks for the glimpses into the family--we miss you!
Genn said…
Cute videos. Hannah jumps the same way and she has to yell "look, jump wee high". He's a cutie pie.

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