The weekend

We've had a pretty chill weekend. Both Matt and I have been really tired lately due to lack of sleep. We've gotten to bed late and then Ethan has been waking up several times a night (I think due to his eye teeth coming in). Anyhow, we are not very well rested around here right now. Friday it was so nice to stay home. We put Ethan to bed and then ordered some sushi (nothing raw for me of course). I had wanted to watch a movie but found that I was too tired to pay attention, so we went to bed pretty early... around 9:00. However no rest for the weary since Ethan was up about 4 times that night. *sigh*. The hard part about Ethan waking up is that it takes me a while to go back to sleep after I have to get up. Anyhow, enough complaining :)

I keep forgetting to post a picture of our house since Matt has finished painting the front. I think we started painting it way back in the fall, but didn't make much progress all winter. Then this spring Matt has been working at getting it finished. Painting a house with eves like ours is a lot of work! It had to be scraped, primed and painted. He still has to finish up the trim around the windows in the back.

Here is a picture of our house before we even moved into it:
Here is a not so great picture of it that I took yesterday. It's hard to tell because it's kinda dark, but the trim is brown now.
Saturday morning we relaxed and hung out around the house. Both the boys also got much needed hair cuts. After Ethan's nap we did some gardening. I accidentally posted the three pictures below in the wrong order. You get to see the "after" picture first :) Matt planted a meyer lemon tree and a bunch of groundcover (pink and yellow iceplant) in this patch of dirt we have next to our driveway.

Here is the dirt before:
Ethan doing what he does out front.... running around (and doing things he's not supposed to do... like step into the street). I love this shirt that Danielle gave him... it says "hello, my name is Trouble". It's so true right now! haha

Today we went to church and then lunch at Kopper Kettle with Matt's parents (you're surprised aren't you... hehe). Even though I am so very tired I chose to scrap today during Ethan's nap instead of napping myself. It's the only chance I usually have to do something "fun". Here is the page I did for our family album:

Hope you're all having a terrific weekend! I'm going to go talk Matt into taking Ethan to the park with me :) Hopefully we will get some good sleep here this week :)


Crystal said…
I LOVE LUV LOVE your house! Matt did such an excellent job on the painting and that tree out front is amazing. You are so blessed girlfriend :).

Miss you much, xoxo.
Tawny said…
The house does look beautiful as well as the garden! I love your layouts too, not too bad for lack of sleep! I'm sorry about the sleep situation, hopefully Ethan will back to normal before Baby Hekman find out this week right??? I can't wait!!!
krista said…
your house is beautiful. it looks great with its new coat of paint :) nice job! i hope you get sleep too. i am thinking we are going to have some of those yucky sleepless nights coming up soon. i just put maddy down for the night and she has a fever and has been teething like crazy today....ugh.
same boat with us and the sleeping!!! its been horrible! poor babies and poor you since you are prego!! and WOW I love your house. You are SO LUCKY #1 to have a house..and what you have done to it is absolutely adorable!! good job!!
Genn said…
Sorry about the lack of sleep right now! I am experiencing something similar with Claire. And I totally know what you mean about not being able to fall back to sleep right away. My husband seems to be able to just close his eyes, and suddenly he is snoring. Not me. Ugh.
Christy said…
Your house looks great! That picutre of Ethan is so cute. I need that shirt for Ryanne. :)

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