A wonderful Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter. The weather was gorgeous! We went to church and then went over to my mom's for the day. The Flores family joined us and we had a great day. We enjoyed a delicious meal and some relaxing while both the babies took a three hour nap! That was awesome! Neither Ethan nor Christian usually sleeps that long, so we sure did enjoy it. I took a ton of pics so here they are.....

Our little family in our Easter green outfits :) You cant really tell but Ethan has on a little tie under his vest... it was too cute.

Me and my handsome hubby :)
Daddy and E playing

The Flores family looking all spiffy
My sweet momma with some of her pretty roses
Grammy & E
Danny & Matt enjoying my mom's beautiful back yard
The boys had a blast in my mom's bounce house.... especially because I filled it with all those plastic balls I showed in a previous post. Ethan's hair would get super staticy and stick up when he was in there, it was so funny.
Uncle Jerrod climbed in the bounce house with the boys and played with the balls with them. Ethan loves to climb on Jerrod and wrestle with him.
The guys played a round of bocce ball. I tried to play but one of us had to keep Ethan away because he kept picking up the bocce balls in the middle of the game.
Ahhhh.... relaxation :)
What a wonderful Easter! Thanks so much for hosting mom :)


The Keilers said…
I love your outfits :). And your mom's yard does look amazing. I remember when it used to be just dirt. Your dad worked so hard on that yard, how sweet that you guys can enjoy it so much now :).

Miss you. xoxo
Charlee said…
I love the pics! and thae fact that you all match so nicley! Thats hard for us all to match Brad hates any color but blue and black and Breven is the same!

If you have some free time and are feeling creative I would like a new blog layout. You can contact me via my email like the last time.

Thank you in advance

Rhonda said…
Looks like fun.
You have to take an Easter family picture every year like that. We have yearly family pictures at Christmas in front of the tree and I just LOVE looking at the differences from year to year.
Kelly said…
That sweater vest is too cute! Loved the matching outfits too. I don't think we could have asked for better Easter weather!!
Amy said…
I love your Easter photos!
Genn said…
What great family photos in your matching green. You all look so nice and so happy.

I am sooo jealous of your weekend in Vegas that you just booked (saw on your Twitter update)!!
Christy said…
you guys look amazing, such a sweet family! :)
Tawny said…
Beautiful pictures, and just like Genn said, I love your matching outfits! So, who took the pictures of your family for you? We tried with the tripod, but they were definitely NOT as good! And again like Genn said, I'm jealous of the Vegas trip too!
Jessica said…
Thanks Tawny :) I set my camera to the settings I wanted then had my brother take a ton of pictures and hoped that we got a good one... that first picture was like the last one of 50 that he took, and the only good one

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