Flowers of all sorts

Tuesday was a rough day all around... one of those days where nothing goes your way. When Matt came home from work he brought me these:
A beautiful purple orchid :) What a sweet hubby. I appreciated his sweet thoughtfulness at the end of a rough day. They definitely brought a smile to my face. Now if I can keep them alive that will be great. I seem to have bad luck with orchids.

Yesterday I was feeling crafty and finally got around to making a couple of flower pins. I found this tutorial and it only took me a few minutes to make each one. I plan on making a few more in different colors. I want to pin them to plain tank tops to add a little oomph.

Several of my daylillies in the front yard have popped and I always think they are so pretty. Here are three different plants:

I have a gardenia bush next to them and it has tons of blooms this year. They smell heavenly!

Lastly, remember my little garden.....
It's not so little anymore! In only a few days I should be able to pick a few of my squash. There are little green tomatoes and cucumbers that will be ripe in several weeks as well :) I can't wait to eat them!


krista said…
HOLY COW!!! your garden took off!!! how fun :)
Crystal said…
Love the orchid. You do have a very sweet hubby.
I've killed two orchids and my friend Debra (who has much success with orchids) tells me not to give it so much attention, they don't like a lot of lovin ;).

Good job on the broaches, givin your tanks a little "umph" (you're too cute).

We need to talk again soon. xoxo
Rhonda said…
Its easy to kill an orchid because God created them to grow in the rain forest not in Southern CA. We have an AWFUL climate for them - so they take some extra loving.
Eileen said…
Beautiful pictures and garden!!! My Mother (I lovingly call her Martha, after Martha Stewart) puts one ice cube on top of the orchid pot every two weeks... voila... that's all they seem to need. Maybe give this a try. I don't have a green thumb, unfortunately.
Patty said…
I agree with the anonymous poster. j/k
Beautiful orchid! Glad it cheered you up after your icko day.
I like the flower pins you made. Super cute and it looks like they are pretty easy to make too!
Your garden looks awesome! Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Hey Aunt Jess,
Orchids can be very fussy, but the best way to keep the orchid happy is to keep it where it has at least 3 1/2 hour of almost indirect or direct sunlight. Only water when the bark (or whatever the potting material is)is dry and if the roots start looking a little shriveled. Never cut the roots, even if they start to come out of the pot, unless the ends are shriveled and dry then just trim the ends. This should help keep the plants blooms lasting for several weeks.
Hope this helps!

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