Fun with the Waterpillar

I picked up this "Waterpillar" at Target the other week after seeing it on Amy's blog. I decided to give it a spin the other night and let Ethan play. He had fun with it and kept asking for more.

The boy loves water :) However in typical toddler form he lost interest when he got sidetracked opening and closing the back door, a current favorite activity.

These are from last week. This is Ethan after playing in the dirt. He decided to fill his snack trap with some dirt and I'm guessing some of the dirt made it into his mouth as well. He is such a boy :) When I brought him in and changed him he even had dirt in his diaper.

This is from last week as well, just a couple of pictures of Ethan enjoying a popsicle :)

I finally got my house cleaned this morning and it was no easy task. Without fail Ethan decides to be very needy, whiny and difficult if I am trying to clean. It always works that way. I was in a hurry this morning and just wanted to get finished so that I could go do a couple of mystery shops. The last thirty minutes that I cleaned he was sobbing and flailing himself around the room. Lovely :) Thankfully he cheered up after we left.


Charlee said…
You are the 3rd person I have heard about the wetapiller from I guess I know what my kids are getting for thier birthday! He is such a cutie! Good luck with the cleaning. Breven used to to that to me and I got him a swiffer mini duster and had him "help" that seemed to tame some of the tears when I cleaned or music to dance to.
Amy said…
I'm glad Ethan liked the waterpillar. I need to get it out agin now that she is walking. Ethan is so funny and cute in all of his pictures.
krista said…
He has a serious farmers tan. It could almost compete with Ben's. :) He's such a cutie. I saw this on Amy's blog and thought it was really cute! I picked up something similar at a garage sale for 50 cents a couple of weeks ago. I need to try it out tomorrow!
Heather Hekman said…
It is amazing how the dirt ends up in the diaper! The waterpillar looks like great fun. We might have to invest.
i have always wanted to mystery shop! have you actually made money doing it? i would love info on it!
Genn said…
Lots of great pictures you posted! I went lookin for one of those waterpillars at Target and could not find it. What department is it in?
Genn said…
PS- Do you mind if I add you to my friend list on my blog, since I am always peeking at Amy's to know when you have updated. :)
Jessica said…
Genn- I don't mind at all :) I'm going to add you to mine too. The Waterpillar was in the same isle as the seasonal summer stuff... next to life jackets, goggles and pool toys.
Charlee said…
Walmart has them too if any one is looking. We got ours yesterday.
Charlee said…
I also found that if you take the hands off it works better!

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