Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial day weekend. Here is a little recap:

Friday night we enjoyed dinner with the Flores family. The weather was beautiful and we ate on our back patio. We had some very yummy pork tenderloin. Unfortunately that night Ethan was up for three hours in the middle of the night which resulted in Matt and I being VERY tired on Saturday, but we survived. We're not sure why he was up as he wasn't sick, but I wondered if it was due to hitting his head pretty hard right before bed time.

On Saturday Matt got some painting done in the morning. After Ethan's nap we went over to Matt's parents house and had some yummy BBQ and swam for a bit. This was Ethan's first time in the big pool this year and he LOVED it. It was pretty cold so we didn't last very long, but he had fun none the less.

I got him one of those swim suits with a built in life vest to see how he'd do. It was a tad big for him and kept sliding up.

This boy LOVES the water!
While we ate dinner Ethan played on Grandma and Grandpa's rocking horse. He loves to climb on and rock, especially now that he can do it all on his own.
However being that he is a little stinker he has to try to stand on it....
I am telling him no here, yet snapping a picture. Don't you love that look he is giving me? That is his "I know I'm being naughty, but I'm testing you anyways" look :)
He thinks he's so cool when he does this, however he doesn't think the spanking that follows is so cool.
After dinner we took Ethan over to my mom's house. She offered to take him for the night so we certainly didn't turn her down! Of course he slept wonderful for her and didn't make a peep all night :) Matt and I enjoyed staying in bed as long as we wanted and lounging around all morning. That is a very special treat when you have little ones! We even enjoyed lunch at Martha Green's alone. Later that afternoon we went back over to my mom's and she made us some tasty carne asada. It was such a relaxing day. Thanks so much mom, you are the best!

Today Matt fired up the smoker and smoked us a delicious pork butt. My brother came over to enjoy it with us. Here he is teaching Ethan how to spin the soccer ball on his finger.

Lastly here is what I did today in between chasing Ethan around:
I made myself a "Hooter Hider" for when I have the baby. It is a nursing cover. My favorite feature is that it has boning up on the neck so it stays open so that you can peek down at the baby while you nurse. The best part is that it cost me a fraction of what it would to buy one. I was quite proud of myself :) It felt really good to sew and create something (although I did follow a pattern I got from Sarah.. thanks Sarah!). It really wasn't hard to make at all.

Hope you all had a great weekend! We are so very grateful on this day for all of the brave service men and women who serve our country.


Brigitte said…
You are so creative!! Love the pictures of Ethan on that horse. Too cute.
Patty said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend!
Jacob gives me that 'I know I'm being naughty' look all the time. His usually involves a smirk. Toddlers!
Love Matt's farmer's tan, by the way. :P
Charlee said…
Sounds like you had a good weekend! Nice sewing work!!! I bought one on ebay for my SIL and it was hand made I love the fact that you can pick the look!
Jolene Grace said…
What a perfect weekend. I'm glad you got rest, and that you had such a blessed time with family. XOXOXO
Christy said…
aaahhh, thank God for moms huh? Glad you got some time alone. I love the picture of your brother and Ethan with the ball, super cute. I think Ethan is preparing you for the lack of sleep you are about to get again. :)
Tawny said…
Fun weekend!! I love your hooter hider, so great!!

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