Mother's Brunch

On Saturday Danielle and I had a Mother's day brunch for my mom, mother in law, and Beth (Danielle's mom). Matt took Ethan and they ran errands while we enjoyed a lovely brunch outside. We had strawberry muffins, berry coffee cake, breakfast pizza and fresh fruit. It was all delicious.

I made these cake pops that Bakerella had on her blog. Mine don't look near as good as hers, but they were cute :)

Me and my momma
Me and my mother in law Marlene
Beth and Danielle


Christy said…
You are SO sweet! Actually the cake pops look GREAT! Just like hers if I do say so. ;)
Crystal said…
What a precious time. I'm so glad your mama lives so close to you, treasure every moment.
Tawny said…
I LOVE the tablescape! And I love your flower pops! Where did you find the candy corns? I totally want to make those for something :) Do they melt easy?
Jessica said…
Tawny- they are leftover from Easter... unfortunately that is the only time you can buy them. Bakerella used colored licorice candy things too.

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