My little trash digger

One of Ethan's favorite activities lately is digging in the recycle can. I have learned the hard way not to put cans in there anymore (after he got his finger stuck between a lid and a can and ended up a bloody mess), and to wash everything out well before I put it in there. We also dump it frequently into the big barrel. When I catch him in it, I tell him no and clean him up, however in true toddler form he thinks it's great fun to dig around in it whenever I'm not looking. I think I've given up on it and decided there are other things that bother me more for now. Here he is yesterday having fun with his "treasures".
a tasty milk carton

"Have some! It's really good"

... and a yummy orange juice container

"My OJ, back off!"
I promise, the child has lots of toys to play with, he just thinks these are much more fun :)


Genn said…
That is too funny. Kids are so easily entertained by the simplest things somtimes.
Rhonda said…
WHY do they have toys in the closet? I mean really. They ALWAYS prefer stuff like recycling, rocks from the garden, my shoes, the laundry basket...

Our recycling container in the house is in a drawer in our kitchen behind the trash can and Molly has figured out how to take the whole can out of the drawer. She likes to drag it around the house.
Crystal said…
Of course, because this is what he's "not" supposed to play with, too cute though ;).
Tawny said…
SO funny! Great pictures! I love his expressions when playing with the Waterpillar too! What great summer toy! Maybe not next week (because of getting ready for Sammy's party) but the week after we can come out and play!

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