Oh the places we've been

I got this idea from Genn's blog and decided to do a similar post. I only started blogging when I was pregnant, so I've never blogged about the 5 years that Matt and I were married before we had Ethan. When we got married I was three months away from turning 21 and still quite young. I was no where near ready for kids yet. We are so glad that we had 5 years together to just enjoy being married and do lots of fun stuff. I thought I'd post some pictures from some of the fun trips we took during those five years. :)

This first picture is from our honeymoon. We spent a week on Maui and it was marvolous. We haven't been back to Hawaii since then, but we're hoping for our 10 year anniversary we can go again.

The first trip Matt and I took together after our honeymoon was a weekend away in San Diego. We went to Sea World, explored San Diego and relaxed.

That same summer (2003) we got to join the Lamprechts at their time share in Havasu for a few days of fun in the sun. We tubed, water skiied, jumped off the huge rock in Copper Canyon, and had fun cruising in the boat.

In July of that year we drove up to San Simeon and spent a few days camping to celebrate our first anniversary. We love it up there. We hiked, explored the surrounding areas, cooked some good food and just relaxed together.

The next year, 2004, was our cruise year. We went on an Alaskan cruise for my grandparent's 50th anniversary (my dad's parents). We flew up to Seattle and stayed there for a few nights, then drove up into Alaska and embarked on a week long cruise. My dad's whole family was there. I've never seen such beauty as I saw in Alaska. We stuffed ourselves silly with the freshest, yummiest seafood ever.
Only a week upon our return from Alaska we went on another cruise. This time we went on a 3 day Baja cruise with Matt's family to celebrate his parents 40th anniversary.

Over Christmas and New Years of that year we drove to Vail, Colorado and got to stay with the Lamprechts in one of their time shares. We had fun playing in the snow and skiing. Matt even took ski lessons and attempted to ski, however he decided it's just not for him. We also drove down to Fort Collins and visited my grandparents over New Years. While it was a fun trip we ended up driving home through a terrible blizzard and we will NOT do that again. It was a white knuckle drive the whole way home!

In the summer of 2005 we headed up the coast and went camping in San Simeon at one of favorite campgrounds. We toured Hearst Castle, drove up to Monterey, went wine tasting in Paso Robles, and stayed a night at a cute bed and breakfast in San Louis Obispo.

2006 was a fun year. Us, along with our friends the Oates took our small group kids to Mammoth in January. We skiied and snowboarded and snowmobiled.

We went back to Mammoth in April with just adults (friends from church). We even got to witness Jeff propose to Carmen on the top of one of the peaks. Matt was here too, he just doesn't ski so he's not in this picture.

In June of that year we went to Havasu with our friends the Lamprechts. We had fun in the sun. Wow... do I ever miss that pre-baby tummy, hehe.

The very next month we headed to Chicago and Michigan for a week. We stayed in Chicago for a few days and took in all the sights. We loved that city. We then spent the rest of our week visiting Matt's brother Dan in Holland Michigan. It was such a fun trip.

We took one more trip in 2006 and that was over Thanksgiving. We drove up to Montana with Danny and Jolene to visit her parents. It even snowed a bit for us. On the way home we stayed a night in Vegas.

One of the last trips we took before having kids was a camping trip in Morro Bay with Danny and Jolene. I was 21 weeks pregnant with Ethan and I think Jolene was about 28 weeks pregnant with Christian. We knew our lives would be changing very soon and we enjoyed having our selfish adult time :) We hiked, explored, went wine tasting (well Danny and Matt wine tasted while Jolene and I just tagged along and hung out), and relaxed.

In July of that same summer (2007) we spent a week with Matt's family at a beach house in Corona del Mar. I was 24 weeks pregnant with Ethan.
While I was 26 weeks pregnant I went to Colorado to visit my grandparents. It was a nice time and all I had to worry about was myself :)

After I returned from Colorado Matt and I took our very last pre baby trip (which I don't have any pictures of). We went to Vegas for the weekend. Mostly we just enjoyed being by the pool, sleeping in, and relaxing... knowing our lives would not be quite so relaxing very soon :)

This last picture is just for fun. It's the day before I had Ethan. This is where he coined the nickname "Punkin", since we painted my belly as a pumpkin for Halloween :)
Of course we adore our son and love being parents, but I wouldn't trade those five years with just Matt :) I know that just as that was a season, so is having little kids, and we do enjoy this season as well. I know that when the kids are a little older we'll probably take a few more trips and do fun things besides the park and walks :) I just thought it was fun to share some pictures from my pre-blogging days.


Kelly said…
Fun to read! I have heard amazing things about Alaskan cruises. Chris and I are so happy we waited several years before having kids too. Those weekend trips are priceless and filled with such fun memories!
Genn said…
Such a fun post! Looks like you guys had some great trips before deciding to be parents too. We've done many of the same trips as you too. We went to Hawaii just a few months after our wedding, but it was pre digital camera days, and I can't find those pictures. We also went to Chicago and Michigan not that long ago too. I'd love to go back and do some more exploring there.

Those were the days! We just had no idea. :)
Charlee said…
How amazing! We were married for 4 years before we had kids but were so busy working full time jobs and going to school that we never took what I call a real vacation. Its always nice to take a look back and see where you have been.
ok i am totally jealous! you guys did SO much. We got pregnant on our one year anniversary cruise...so that was about it for us...although we did meet in Ireland :) ok so question is....with all this camping you have under your belt..would you do it with Ethan right now? troy is DYING to buy camping gear and go camping...but I am SOOO not wanting to...
Jessica said…
Sarah- I would NOT go camping right now :) I'm sure it's quite possible with a toddler, and probably even fun... but not something I want to do. Once our kids are older I would have much more fun. For now I'm quite content with hotels if we go somewhere :)
Rhonda said…
I soooo want to go on an Alaskan cruise. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures. And by the way, camping with toddlers is possible and even fun, but SOOOOOOO much more work for mom and dad. Hotels are nice!
Amy said…
You and Matt have been a lot of places. I liked seeing all of your adventures!
Awe, I love this post. It's so sweet to see you both "grow up" too. Like overalls, aren't you glad we grew out of that stage ;)~ (remember we used to wear them like aaalll of the time;)? It's good to hear you mention all of these fun things you guys did together, I want to remember to treasure this "selfish" time that Stephen and I have together.

And you MUST frame that picture of you and Matt in San Diego! (if you haven't already). It's awesome!

And I think I told you this, we're going on an Alaskan cruise in July for our two year anniversary :). I'm SO excited!!! Any suggestions for what to pack? (I'll call you this week;).

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