random thoughs on a Monday morning

-After a VERY tough week I had a much better weekend. Ethan had his first decent day on Saturday and was finally more himself. The entire week all he did was hang on me, and whine and cry, he would hardly play or laugh. It was so nice to feel a little normal again this weekend.

-Ethan is starting to try to say more words finally. It's cute :) It's so fun when he learns something new.

-I made homeade cinnamon rolls and pizza this weekend. yum.

-The heat sure did sneak up on us. I'm still hoping for some "June Gloom" before summer officially hits. Yesterday I got Ethan's pool out and played in it with him all afternoon. He had fun playing in it and kept wanting Matt to squirt him with the hose. I won't be posting any pictures of me in the pool :)

-Love feeling my little lady do somersaults and cartwheels in my tummy. She is quite active.

-Yesterday after we finished eating lunch at Kopper Kettle with Matt's parents my battery decided to die. I was very grateful to have Matt with me, and to have Matt's parents there so that we could quickly jump my car as it was 97 degrees. I would hate to have that happen to me alone with Ethan in the car since it is so hot. Matt replaced the battery but my alternator light is now flashing, so I have to go take it in to see if the alternator is also going out.

-Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL this week rocked. That is one of my all time favorite SNL bits. "What color is green?" "States that end in Hampshire". haha, cracks me up. Speaking of TV the Lost finale was also great. While I'm always sad when my favorite TV shows end for the season it's kind of nice to spend the summer evenings playing games or reading.

-Ethan has been waking up every night at least once and taking horrible naps. I'm hoping this is just due to the never ending teething saga and that it ends quickly. Matt and I are both feeling pretty tired and run down.

-I have a few sewing projects I'm itching to dig into but just have not been able to fit in the time to sew. Between feeling behind on housework and being so darn tired I just can't seem to get with it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll find some time. Maybe I'll hire a babysitter for a day and sew :)

-Matt's parents came home from lunch yetserday to find a bear up in one of their trees! They live in Calimesa close to the hills, but in the 30 years they have lived in their house they have never seen a bear on their street. Kinda crazy.

-I'll get my act together and post some pictures soon :)


Charlee said…
I forgot to tell you last time if you want to borrow any of the books I have I would be happy to loan them to you if it will help you and Ethan any. Hopefully your week is better!
Crystal said…
I hope you get some rest! Call me when you feel like it (no pressure, whenever you're up to talking). xoxo
Patty said…
Homemade cinnamon rolls and pizza sounds wonderful right now! Double yum.
I can't believe the Hekmans had a bear in their tree. That is crazy!
Hope Ethan gets back to sleeping well again. I hate when Jacob's sleep is all whack.
I too am hoping for some cooler weather. :P
Eileen said…
I'm sorry you had a bad week! Hang in there! You rock!!!
Christy said…
A Bear!!!! That is the one animal that has NOT been in our yard this year so far. Crazy! I am glad you had a good weekend and I was really thinking the cinnamon rolls sounded great!

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