what a day....

awoke at 5:00 to a screaming toddler who had a fever
brought the fever down with Motrin
the toddler was very cranky and whiny
screaming started again and wouldn't stop
i tried to hold back but couldn't help crying right along with him
spent 2 hours at urgent care
dr. couldn't really find anything wrong with him
just that his ears were a little pink
it's probably something he can kick without antibiotics
but in the meantime it's rough

thankful for a mom
who took the day off work and came to help me
even though I didn't ask

being a mom to my child sure can be hard
oh how nice it would be if he would just let me hold him
or lay with me and watch cartoons
or read him a story
but when he's hurting, all he does is cries
and screams
and cries
it's rough
really rough

praying for my boy to get better and for a better day tomorrow


Genn said…
Sorry such a rough day. It's SO hard to deal with when you are pregnant yourself! How nice of your Mom to help you out. Hope you all get naps and your little guy is better soon!
Amy said…
Poor you and Ethan. I hope things get better soon.
oh my gosh jessica...im so sorry!! lucy gets her tubes wed and i am praying for a lot less dr trips. i pray the same for you :(
Jill said…
I'm praying for you, Jess! It's hard enough to deal with a really sick and cranky toddler, but to be pregnant on top of that makes it even tougher. Thinking of you lots...
Brigitte said…
Yep, I went through that about two weeks ago. Sofie literally sat on my lap from 6 a.m. until 630ish p.m. with a fever of 102 and nothing worked. She didn't eat, didn't nap, nothing! It is miserable. Hope Ethan is better soon.
Christy said…
Oh friend, I am sorry he is sick. Hang in there. I know you dont feel great and the crying gets old for anyone after a while especially an expecting mama. Let me know if you need me to deliver more tylenol or anything like that; for Ethan OR you! ;)
Clausewitz said…
Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração
Charlee said…
Poor little man and poor mama! I hope things get better today!
The Keilers said…
Yes, what a great mama you have! Seriously that's amazing. And you're giving me a good window into motherhood :). Hope today's better. xoxo

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