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fun family photoshoot

Yesterday I met up with Matt's brother's family at the park to take some pictures of them. I took pictures of each of the older kids and we tried our best to get a great family shot (not so easy with three little ones). It was fun and the kids did great :) I'm definitely no professional, but they know that ;) Here are some of my favorite shots:

My nephew Clayton (who just turned three)

The Hekman family

My niece Jenelle (she turns five in a month)

More attempts at a good family shot :)

Mike and Stephen, who is almost six months old and such a sweetie.

The kids did lots of running in between shots :)
The three kiddos... Clay, Stephen and Jenelle

This little guy was great the whole time... he was just content no matter what was going on around him... what a little sweetie :)

video time

I haven't gotten my camera out all week, however here are two videos of my little guy that I've taken in the past week.

Ethan playing peek-a-boo at dinner the other night

This morning Ethan was trying to walk around in a pair of my flip flops... something he does often :) He was getting frustrated because they kept falling off.

our week

We've had a good week. We haven't been up to anything exciting, just our usual chores, Bible Study on Wednesday and errands :)
This morning we went to a mommy and me pancake breakfast at church. We enjoyed pancakes and fellowship, along with fun crafts (which Ethan was a tad too young for).
Last night Matt made some homemade salsa using ingredients from our garden. It's SO yummy! I love having fresh produce right outside my back door :)This morning I made some homemade mint and chip ice cream to enjoy for dessert when the Flores' come for dinner tonight.Monday I made Rice Krispy treats.... they were all gone by Wednesday. Do you think someone's been indulging? ;) I figure I'd better enjoy it before I'm trying to loose this weight.We've been staying inside in the afternoons as it's been terribly icky and hot here. I've never been so grateful for air conditioning in my life!I'm looking forward to going to IKEA with my mom on Sunday after church…

San Diego Zoo

Saturday we packed up a lunch and went to the San Diego Zoo. Matt and I hadn't been since we were kids, and it was Ethan's first time. My mom came along with us as well. We had such a fun day and saw so many animals. While it was a bit warm there, it was no where near the nasty 106 degree humid heat we had at home. We walked ALL over the park, took the tram and even took the bus around once. I definitely got my exercise. It wasn't bad though since they have so much shade. Of course I have tons of pictures to share :)

This is when we first got there, we were in front of the Orangutan exhibit.
Ethan and Daddy checking out the orangutans.

They were right up against the glass, and Ethan didn't quite understand that there was a barrier between us, so he was pretty timid at first.

Next we headed over to the gorillas and Ethan loved them. There was a little baby that was playing right up against the glass, it was so cute.

He was putting his tongue on the glass and playing all a…

31 weeks

Here is my most recent belly shot, taken today before church. I'm definitely growing! It feels like she's starting to run out of room :) It's getting harder and harder to pick up Ethan these days. I have to say being pregnant this time of year isn't the funnest thing ever, but I'm surviving. I dont' think I've ever been so grateful for air conditioning in my life! These 106 degree, humid days are nasty! I certainly don't feel like spending any time outside (unless it's in the pool). I crave lots of sweet things these days (I was the same way with Ethan). Fruit and desserts are something I can eat all day long. I can't believe I only have two more months to go!

Tomato basil pizza

Friday evening I made a tomato basil pizza from scratch. I make the dough in my breadmaker. We used some yummy tomatoes and fresh basil from our garden. It turned out delicious and we agreed we will have to make it again while we have our garden growing.

yum yum!