4th of July

The 4th of July was pretty laid back for us. We went to the pancake breakfast at church in the morning, came home and took naps, then went over to Matt's parents for some swimming and hanging out in the afternoon.

Ethan tried out his floaties for the first time. He didn't mind them at all and it made me feel a little better because the boy has no fear. He just jumps in the spa and pool. He did great with the floaties. He is so cute in the water, he just has so much fun.

Of course we forgot to take a family picture when we were dressed up in our red white and blue. Instead we wait until the end of the day when we are water logged and Ethan is in his jammies :) I'm also looking at the wrong camera, lol. This is the best I got.
My mom came over for a while and hung out with us. It was nice to have her there too :) Sid and Marlene got us some broasted chicken and we had a nice little dinner outside. I had brought along some yummy homeade mint and chip ice cream for dessert.

Grandma gave Ethan an old cell phone to play with since he loves phones lately.
We headed home around Ethan's bedtime. We haven't watched fireworks since we've had him. He was super tired anyhow. One of these years we'll try to see them again :) It was a nice relaxing 4th. Thanks for having us over Mom and Dad H. :)


Christy said…
Cute shots. :) SO glad you came by yesterday. Thank you for blessing me. We need to do that more often friend. You look great!
Tawny said…
You'll see them one year...they don't change! Having a happy sleeping toddler is FAR more important :)

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