double strollers

I need some input. Those of you who have double strollers, what kinds do you like? I'm really trying to decide between a side by side lightweight stroller, or a stroller that they sit one in front of the other. I'm for sure getting a jogging stroller, but I also want something to keep in my car and take places.

Comments said…
Take it from someone who has bought WAY Too many strollers buy Baby Trends Expedition. Kristen and I swear by this stroller. Is it only $189 at Babys R Us and we love it. Everyone we see at Disney says the same thing - best ever stroller. I have owned the Graco Duo and man that thing was heavy at least 55 lbs. without kids. Here is your only set back with the Baby Trends - you can't put the infant in it until about 3 months. Still it is an amazing stroller! I love it! Walk with it everywhere. Happy Hunting and strolling.
Tonda said…
Well you only met me once but I saw ytour blog on Charlees.
My boys are 15 mo apart and we had a graco duo and the boys did not like it because they could not see eachother or hold hands ect.. so if your kids are close to eachother they would prefer a side by side. We ended up getting the Jeep double umbrella and they love it and we love it. Its about $80 at BRU. Only set back is no basket underneath. It also fits into a trunk easy with alot of groceries and has two small little bags on the sides for kids snacks or cups and the seats recline a bit and has a roll up back for the summer where the back is mesh and more breathable
Kelly said…
Maclaren, hands down (side by side). It may be a little awkward at first since it is an umbrella stroller but you will not be sorry. I love it almost as much if not maybe more than my BOB. Double strollers are heavy, big and annoying. Carter stores are horrible to get through with almost any stroller (I had a front/back one and sold it pretty quickly, worked great when they were tini tiny and needed to be in the carseats but after that it was horrible).

I take it to the grocery store and can still fit tons of groceries on top and in the baskets under. Both seats recline and the sun shade actually covers the girls. They are pricey but I searched (okay stalked) craigslist. The only way I found one was someone spelled it wrong! ha!
Kelly said…
I know we emailed about my stroller a while back. After using it for a while, I can still say I LOVE it!! It is the smoothest ride ever and it has such great features. :) It even fits in grocery check out lines (which I was worried about since it is wide).
Genn said…
Choosing a double stroller is SUCH a darn stressful decision. I hemmed and hawed over so many different ones. I think they all do their job but it comes down to personal preference.

I am with your first commenter, I love our Baby Trend strollers. We have the baby trend Expedition double stroller and the Baby Trend sit n stand. Got them both at Babies R Us. Love em. It is a bummer that you can't really put the baby in until they can sit up on their own, but before then w the sit n stand you can click on just about any infant car seat. We had a Graco car seat that snapped on just fine. It is also an easy folding stroller.

Good luck making your decision!
Anonymous said…
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Hey Jessica, we have an Instep Safari TT. We love it. It is a jogging stroller with a swivel front wheel so maneuvering is a piece of cake. It has a very useful basket underneath. It is a snap to fold and unfold but we have a minivan so room isn't an issue. A big plus is since we have 3, when we are at Legoland or somewhere, Allison can ride on the front and so it works great for an occasional 3rd passenger. You are more than welcome to try it out if you want. It is great for us taller parents, we don't kick the brake like on other strollers (which would be a plus for Matt.) It has a shade covering on the top. My only negative would be unlike the single Instep (which we also have) it does not have a drink holder.
Tawny said…
I love reading everyone's opinions! At first with T we used the snap and nice with just him! Then we got the Baby Trend Sit and Stand. I like ours because it actually has the two seats and then eventually you can take the back seat out and let the older child stand. I actually put Travis in it without the carrier when he was 2 months! It also allows you to put your carrier on it. It is a little heavy to push, but works good.
We did just get the double BOB and I L-O-V-E it SOOO much! It is so easy to push and I put T in it without a carrier at 2 1/2 months just fine. A lot of people say the side by side is hard with two kids cause they can bother each other, but no problems yet! It is also narrow enough to fit through doorways (it is the same width as a wheelchair) We were going to sell the Sit and Stand, but I hesitate cause I like the fact that it is back to back too...oh Jess, so much to think about, good luck :)
Christy said…
OK, here;s my two cents. I loved the sit and stand stroller when Ryanne was born. They were just three years apart and so it was perfect because Morgan would eith stand on the back step or sit on the seat with her snack and she lOVED it. Its not to heavy. your second can ride on the back forever and it manuvers around stores really well. ;)

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