Eight things I look forward to...
1. Meeting my baby girl
2. Time alone with Matt

3. When Ethan has nap time and bed time :)
4. Spending time with friends
5. Taking Ethan to do fun things that he enjoys
6. Spa days at Glen Ivy... pure bliss (I don't know when that will happen again, but I still look forward to it!)
7. Spending time in the Word after I put Ethan to bed
8. Going on evening walks after dinner in the summer

Eight things I did yesterday...
1. Took Ethan to the doctor
2. Went to the fruit stand in Yucaipa
3. Took the dog to the vet for her shots
4. Took a nice rest while Ethan napped
5. Ate popsicles in the backyard with Ethan
6. Played Legos with Ethan
7. Visited Christy
8. Had a yummy dinner at the Oates house and got to visit with friends

Eight things I wish I could do...
1. Sleep well
2. Get some motivation to scrapbook and sew some cute stuff for my baby girl
3. Go to Hawaii with my hubby
4. Move to a bigger house (I LOVE my house and am super grateful for it... but it's only 2 bedrooms)
5. Walk out of the hospital after giving birth in great shape and with no extra baby weight :) I can dream can't I?
6. Understand more technical things so that I can actually converse with my hubby about stuff he's into instead of just listening and trying to understand
7. This is a dream... but design a dream house with Matt and build it someday... maybe even a beach house, hehe
8. Goodness, this part is hard.... hire a housekeeper, personal trainer, and personal chef... oh, and a live in masseuse, hehe

8 Shows I Watch (in no particular order):
2. The Office
3. Greys Anatomy
4. 30 Rock
5. The Bachelor (& Bachelorette)
6. Here Come the Newlyweds
7. A few realty shows on cable (Tori & Dean, and some of the dumb ones on E sometimes)
8. Desperate Housewives

8 People I Tag:
Kelly P.
Kelly Urena
And anyone else-it's kinda a brain buster trying to answer all of these!!!


Tawny said…
Thanks for playing :) I like your "wish list"!!!
The Keilers said…
We love to watch Tori & Dean too :). I love how much they love each other :).

I don't know if I'll get to this before we leave, but thanks for tagging me :).

I'm going to try calling you again this afternoon. xoxo
Kelly said…
Oh, another Tori and Dean fan. Why are we so into that show? I think one reason is that for Hollywood, they really seem to have a pretty cool marriage...not much fighting and sarcasm between them. It is surprisingly refreshing. :) Glad I'm not the only one to enjoy it.
Christy said…
wait, whos tori and Dan? Anyways, I want to play but I dont know if my brain will plunk out 8 things. :) I have a crazy busy weekend with a family reunion and an out of town swim meet but when I stop to breath I will try. :)

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