fun family photoshoot

Yesterday I met up with Matt's brother's family at the park to take some pictures of them. I took pictures of each of the older kids and we tried our best to get a great family shot (not so easy with three little ones). It was fun and the kids did great :) I'm definitely no professional, but they know that ;) Here are some of my favorite shots:

My nephew Clayton (who just turned three)

The Hekman family

My niece Jenelle (she turns five in a month)

More attempts at a good family shot :)

Mike and Stephen, who is almost six months old and such a sweetie.

The kids did lots of running in between shots :)
The three kiddos... Clay, Stephen and Jenelle

This little guy was great the whole time... he was just content no matter what was going on around him... what a little sweetie :)


Genn said…
Well for not being a professonal photographer, those pictures are really great! Looks like you've done lots of practice with your SLR. Great job.

I am having so much fun with mine. It is a bit overwhelming, but that only makes me want to practice and read more.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful family we have, Jess you did a great job on the photos! I enjoyed the videos too!
So cute!
jo said…
great job, I miss this family!
krista said…
These are great!! You did a really good job! I am sure that they love them.
Kelly said…
Great job Jess! I love how the colors really pop. What a beautiful family as well.
Crystal said…
So so cute! This one is my fav (& I think it would look cool in B&W):

Love you. xoxo
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Eileen said…
Beautiful shots! Beautiful family! Great job!!!

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