our week

  • We've had a good week. We haven't been up to anything exciting, just our usual chores, Bible Study on Wednesday and errands :)
  • This morning we went to a mommy and me pancake breakfast at church. We enjoyed pancakes and fellowship, along with fun crafts (which Ethan was a tad too young for).
  • Last night Matt made some homemade salsa using ingredients from our garden. It's SO yummy! I love having fresh produce right outside my back door :)
  • This morning I made some homemade mint and chip ice cream to enjoy for dessert when the Flores' come for dinner tonight.
  • Monday I made Rice Krispy treats.... they were all gone by Wednesday. Do you think someone's been indulging? ;) I figure I'd better enjoy it before I'm trying to loose this weight.
  • We've been staying inside in the afternoons as it's been terribly icky and hot here. I've never been so grateful for air conditioning in my life!
  • I'm looking forward to going to IKEA with my mom on Sunday after church. Matt is going to take Ethan for the afternoon. I am going to get a bookshelf for toys, and a child's table and chairs. I am transforming a corner of our family room into a play area. I'll post pics of the before and after :)
  • I've been able to fall asleep lately (thanks still to Ambien), but then I wake up around 2:30 or 3:00 to use the bathroom, and never really fall back asleep. I guess I'm grateful to fall asleep easily, however 4 hours of solid sleep just isn't enough. For about a week I was getting 6 hours of sleep straight, and that felt wonderful (I never thought I'd say 6 hours of sleep was wonderful!). I don't remember what it's like not to feel exhausted. I dream of the day I feel rested again :) Perhaps once I have the baby and she's sleeping through the night? That's still a while away. Anyhow, I'm sure you're sick of hearing about my sleep issues ;)
  • Lastly, on a more positive note I did have a couple of days last week that I felt crafty (for the first time in months). I got out my sewing machine and whipped up several of these burp rags for my baby girl :) It's something I've been meaning to do for a while. Now I'm hoping for some motivation to get caught up on my scrapping before the baby comes :)


Noreen said…
Very cute burp rags!
Sarah said…
those burp rags are adorable, good job! and that mont-n-chip ice cream sounds soooooooo good!
Amy said…
Those are so cute. Sometimes I wish I could sew cute things.
Julie said…
sounds like quite the productive week.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers. that means a lot to me.

what is it about cereal and pregnancy? I feel like I could eat it at any time during the day... rice krispy treats sound so good. I'm sure mine would've been gone by then too!
Charlee said…
cute burp rags!!! I love those crafty momma days. As for the kids stuff IKEA has awesome stuff I want to go they have potty chairs for $4 that I want to get for our house being that we have many bathrooms. For Breven I got cube storage it fit the bigger toys and smaller toys in fabric or plastic bins work out pretty well
krista said…
such cute burp rags! i love the brown and blue floral print ones! and i am jealous of your upcoming ikea trip. i have been wanting to go for a long time now! your mint and chip ice cream sounds SO good!!! YUM! i am glad you have been getting some sleep, although it's not enough :/ unfortunately you are just at that point where you have to pee too often in the night no matter what you do!
Genn said…
Those are such cute burp cloths! I wish I knew how to sew. They look great.

And thanks for the tip on bullets. I used them in a new post tonight. So easy, I had no idea. Thanks.
Brigitte said…
Sorry to hear about the sleep. We will keep praying for you. Love the crafts so cute. All those garden treats do sound yummy. I grew up with a garden but did not think about doing one here. Plus, weeding is not my favorite thing but might be the only con. You and Christy are inspiring!
Rhonda said…
Homemade mint chip ice cream - YUM!!!
The burp cloths are so cute too. Great job.
Christy said…
Sounds like a good week all around. I took the girls swimming today and when I went in to check on them (its 4pm) after asking them to read or listen to music for an hour they ar eboth sound asleep. :) The heat does that I guess. Cute burp rags and thanks for the idea on my blog. :)
Anonymous said…
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Eileen said…
You just whipped these up. Awesome!
Anonymous said…
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Leslie said…
these burpies are super adorable, love the brown ones. I wish I would have known how to sew when I had a baby girl... sighhh... oh to dream.
Leslie said…
btw, smocking has been one of the easiest things I have learned seriously...

you mark lines 1/2 inch apart with water soluble pen

you put elastic thread in your bobbin only (hand wind it on there)

then stitch the straight lines you drew out (lockstichig at the beginning and end)

then spay some water on garment, and use steam setting on iron, watch it all cinch up, and the lines dissapear.

sorry long comment, but if I can do it, anyone can.

Anonymous said…
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