a play date with friends

Last week some great gals that I became friends with in the credential program came over with their little ones for a play date. There were five of us moms and then our kiddos. The kids had a great time playing and we had a great time visiting.

Ethan driving his car

Not the greatest picture, but the only one I took of the moms, so I had to post it :) From left to right is Amy, Tawny (holding baby Travis, who you can't see), Noreen (who has a 3 month old daughter who was inside napping) and Krista. Amy's daughter Taylor

Tawny's daughter Sammy going down the slide
Krista's daughter Madyson driving the car

Ethan having some fun in his pool

Thanks for coming over ladies, it was great to see you all!


krista said…
Thanks for having us :) It was fun!!! Okay, that picture of the moms is pretty bad. I look like I am giving the dirtiest look ever.
Noreen said…
Thanks for inviting us over!
Amy said…
Thanks for having us! It was fun to sit (kinda) and talk.
Christy said…
Little water boy!
Tawny said…
Okay, yeah, Krista was giving me a dirty look, Noreen is mad and looking the other way, I'm ignoring her, and Amy is rolling her eyes...nice playdate right! Ha, jk...we all had some funny faces! It was so fun to come over and hang out and let the kids play! Thanks for hosting...let us know when you are up for it again :)
Rhonda said…
Oh Ethan has so many CUTE girl friends.

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