• First of all thank you so much for all of the prayers and support that you all have offered me while I am experiencing this difficult time with insomnia and other hard stuff. The prayers, e-mails and Facebook communications have meant a lot :) I would still REALLY appreciate your prayers right now as things are still pretty hard for me.
  • Here is a belly picture I had Matt take today. I am 29 weeks along now. Physically I'm feeling pretty good, so that is nice. This little gal moves around a lot, and I can tell she's starting to run out of room... it's starting to seem cramped in there.

  • Thanks also for the stroller feedback. :) I am having a hard time deciding what to do!
  • Matt had Friday off, which was great :) Both him and Ethan got much needed hair cuts in the morning. Then we dropped off my car to get the speedometer fixed, then went to Lowe's to get some closet organizer stuff, which we are putting up in Ethan's room. We have to make some room in there since he will be sharing it with his sister :)
  • After we got all that stuff taken care of yesterday my mom took Ethan for the afternoon and night (thanks mom!) and Matt and I saw a movie (The Proposal). We enjoyed it and thought it was cute :) Afterwards we strolled around downtown Redlands for a bit and then had dinner at Romano's in Redlands. We enjoyed it and I was pleasantly surprised that it was cheaper than I had anticipated. We came home to a surprise that wasn't so nice.... a living room rug COVERED in dog diharrea. Mind you none of our wood floors had anything on it, just one of the two rugs we have. grrrrr. Oh my was it disgusting. I was glad we didn't have Ethan with us to keep out of it. We went to the store and bought some carpet cleaner, then came home and spent about 30 minutes cleaning the rug. Thankfully we were able to get it all out... but boy was it gross. After cleaning up that nasty mess we went walking at Yucaipa Community Park, which has a little dirt trail that goes all around the permieter. It was so nice to go walking by ourselves and enjoy the evening. The walk lifted my spirits a lot and made me realize I need to be walking/excersising every day.
  • Today we woke up around 6:30, but enjoyed staying in bed until 7:00 :) Yup, 7:00 is late for us! We went and picked up Ethan from my mom's and then went over to the pancake breakfast at church for a while. Ethan had a great time with my mom. She played with him non stop, took him swimming, fed him lots of popcicles and just enjoyed him. Currently Ethan is napping, I'm about to lay down, and then we'll go over to Matt's parents and go swimming this afternoon. We won't be going to any fireworks shows since Ethan goes to bed way before they start, and at this point it's not worth it trying to keep him awake. One day we'll go :)
  • This week I start Mommy and Me swim lessons with Ethan. It will go for 2 weeks. He already loves the water, so I'm sure he'll have fun :)

This is just a random picture of Ethan and his friend Maddy at the park the other week :)
I hope you're all having a wonderful 4th! We are so very blessed here in America.


Genn said…
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog about my bad day. The weekend has improved, thank goodness.

I hope you are feeling better too.

It is nice to read that someone else doesn't even attempt to see the fireworks too. We haven't tried since H was born because she too, goes to bed well before they start, and now so does Claire. It just wouldn't be worth it to us to keep them up.

And also, have fun in your mommy & me swim class. Hannah starts up on Monday too. I can't wait til she is swim safe. Happy 4th!
Patty said…
No fireworks for us either!

Glad you and Matt had a nice time, just the two of you! Bummer about the doggy doo, though. YUCK!

Cute belly pic. :D
Noreen said…
Love your beautiful belly!
Christy said…
blessed indeed. :) Cute post. You look amazing! Glad you got out and had some time together. I'm also glad cookie wasn't sick from my kids this time! ha!ha!
Crystal said…
You do look amazing, I agree :). I'm sorry you're still feeling a little blue :(. I'll keep praying. I've been exercising more and for me it makes so so much difference and you've always been wwaayy more into working out than me ;). (I still have memories of going to the gym together, you with your leather weight gloves and me watching you, trying to to figure out what to do;). Miss you xoxo.
Amy said…
You looks so cute pregnant. Thanks for having us over the other day. It was nice to talk with everyone and to catch up:) Hopefully my yard will be done soon and then I'll host. Talk to you soon. Oh, and sorry about the dog mess, I've been there before...yuck!
Eileen said…
LOVE your prego picture... you look so pretty! So sorry you are having a blue period. You are in my prayers.

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