Swim lessons

Ethan and I have been taking mommy and me swim lessons this week and last week. He has done fantastic. This boy LOVES the water. We practice holding onto the side, dunking his head under water, kicking, scooping water with his hands, jumping off the side to me, and a few other fun things.
Here he is kicking using the kickboard. He has a smile almost the whole lesson, it's super cute :)

We got him a pair of floaties to use and he is doing great with them. It's so much easier now when we go swimming because he can just climb in and out of the pool and I don't have to worry since he has his floaties on. I guess this boy takes after his parents with his love for swimming :)


Christy said…
Oh thats great, so he will be joining us on the swim team in a few years yes?

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