A wonderful day at the beach

We had a wonderful anniversary yesterday. When I woke up in the morning I went into the kitchen to pull out the waffle maker (I had told Matt I'd make him Belgian waffles). When I opened the cupboard a box and a card fell out. Matt was so sweet and got me these hoop earrings. I had told him I'd been wanting something like that and he picked out a perfect pair! In case you're wondering they are not real diamonds, I'd be far to scared to wear that much bling in my ears! hehe. I love them and they are exactly what I had in mind. I felt so special :) You did a great job honey!
We dropped Ethan off at Matt's mom's house at 9:30 and headed down to Newport. We scored a free parking spot, which makes us very happy, and set up our stuff in a great spot. We were on the beach from 11:00-4:30. It was a perfect day.... great weather and so nice to be by ourselves. We layed out, sat in our chairs under the umbrella, read magazines, and swam in the ocean.

After we put our stuff back in the car we strolled around for a little bit and then went and had dinner at a little brew pub we've been to before. We each got a yummy wood fired pizza and Matt enjoyed a couple of their beers. We headed home around 7:00 and didn't hit any traffic! yay!

Ethan had a blast with Matt's mom and she even took him swimming for an hour in the afternoon, which of course he loved! She was kind enough to bring him back to our house and put him to bed, so when we got home at 8:00 we didn't have to do a thing :) Thanks so much for watching him for the day mom!

It was a wonderful and relaxing anniversary, I couldn't have asked for a better day :)


Brigitte said…
How fun. Sounds like you had a great time.
Eileen said…
Looks like the perfect anniversary! And you are a beautiful mamma-to-be!!!
Kelly said…
What a fun day! I totally agree that even not having to do the bedtime routine is a treat now and then!
christy p said…
LOVE the photos. Glad you had a wonderful anniversary. The earrings are beautiful!!!
Christy said…
Ahhhh...I was coming on to see how your day was, so glad you had fun and great job on the surprise gift Matt. :)

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